Your Constructive Criticism is Pushing Many into Darkness

Telling someone “stop overthinking”, “Allah se door ho tabhi aese haal me ho”, “be grateful of what you have” or even criticising a person on the mere aspect of them being a slightly different person than you or just wearing or doing something which is part of their profession but doesn’t meet your standards of social engagement is not okay. It is completely rude and uninvited.

So, if you feel like telling a person what their religion says or stops them to do a certain deed, know that you are not doing a kind gesture rather you are provoking them to let go of that last straw of hope they have clasped.

Depression is an illness, a contagious disease, it penetrates inside a human’s mind and paralyzes their thinking of seeing any good or positive in life. It clasps onto a person’s heart and makes them panting for breathing so much that a person feels like sinking deep down in the sea water. People who don’t face it are lucky at so many different levels but the ones that do knows that it eats them raw, slowly and painstakingly.

Having said that, depressive patients could be anyone. So categorizing people on the mere basis of their behavior that if one is an active social media user or is succeeding in life or keeps on giving you positive vibes, cannot be depressed and the ones who sulk all day and are introverts can more relevantly be a depression patient, is downright ignorant and stupid.

Similarly, differentiating that how can Anam Tanoli for being an energetic model, and a forward-looking social media user can also be a depression patient? is stupid. It is quite acceptable that people don’t know how to recognize a depressive patient from others, it certainly does not validate you to start bashing people on the mere basis of their act.

An internalized lesson that can be learned is that liking someone’s picture is not enough an definitely doesn’t certify their well being so instead of stooping so low as to demean others why not give a try to actually lift them?

Anam Tanoli’s death proves the point that cyberbullying is very active and real these days. Also, prone to exceeding towards fatal outcomes and while some people are able to bear with it, they need to understand that others cannot.

If you criticise a person thinking that it is your moral duty to stop them and bring them to the righteous path then my friend it’s not and you definitely are a product of self-righteous stupid social service disease who feels saturated degrading the rest.

Following Anam Tanoli’s demise, singer Momina Mustehsan uploaded her photograph on Instagram, captioning, “This is a picture of me from when I was going through turmoil not very long ago. It happens to the best of us. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we all hit points in our lives sometimes when all seems to be falling out of our control.” For which she received criticism contributing to our Pakistani society of culturally wrong, socially inappropriate, and religiously forbidden she’s “misrepresenting depression” and its very “irresponsible” of her to posts such pictures and yet forgetting that suicide still occurs in every society regardless of their age or gender.

According to the World Health Organization, around one million people commit suicide every year indicating suicide happens every 20 seconds which ultimately triggers other 20 or so people to attempt it. Also, that 75% suicide occurs in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and age ranging between 15-29 years old.

Reason being “missing dialogue on depression” in our society. People here think that telling a patient “koi barhi baat nahi hai, abhi theek hojaega”, “you are being despicable”, “isliye kehte hain namaz parho” and many such other things might solve the connotations attached to depression and the victim might become normal again. No, you might not realize but actually, you are pushing them towards the abyss of darkness

Further, religion is not the cure in many situations. Depression varies from person to person so maybe religion might be the cure for a one, but it might not be for another person.

Therefore, endorsing prayer as a treatment may discourage people from getting therapy or other help and is more prone to lead them from harming themselves.

So be kind to every person. As doctors say, ”Kindness helps to cure 50% of illness be it mental or physical one”. Plus, you never know what that person is going through no person is worthy of the anger that is instilled in you or the hatred that you feel. So channeling that emotion towards another person is infuriating and wrong. Give people the empathy, the love that you want from them. Trust me, empathy does wonder and it might justify you as more pious and good in eyes of God than your criticism.


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