Yanny or Laurel? The Viral Audio Snippet is Driving Everyone Crazy

Remember the picture of a dress which took over the internet like crazy? Some people thought that it was blue whereas other people were sure that it was golden. Like that dress divided people and led to a lot of debate about who among us was right or wrong, it seems like we have a new challenger in this department. An audio snippet has been circulating on social media and it seems to reignite the same controversy as that dress did.

The Audio Clip

The audio clip was shared by a high-school student; this audio contains two syllables over Reddit recently. The clip went viral in no time and has become something of a collective sensory experiment.

The boy says that he recorded the clip from a vocabulary website and didn’t know that it could go on to become the next big social media obsession. When he first played it in front of his class, every student and teacher couldn’t agree on one point whether the clip said ‘Yanny or ‘Laurel’.

Don’t know what clip are we talking about? Put your headphones on and hear it for yourself:


So what did you hear? Is it Yanny or Laurel? You might wanna hear it a few more times just to be sure, maybe?


What do you think?

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