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Xarb or Bayaan, Who is going to win Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3?

Every music fan right now has been on the edge of their seat since the new Pepsi’s Battle of The Bands’ season started. The season 3 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands started with an intro song which featured Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia of Strings band, last season’s winner Kashmir the band and runner-up Badnaam.

In the introductory song, Kashmir the band sang their original song called ‘Kaghaz Ka Jahaaz‘ while Badnaam performed ‘Aj Kaala Joda Paa‘ along with Meesha Shafi. The latter part of the song features an iconic song of Strings band called ‘AO AO Ale Ale O’ performed by Bilal, Faisal, Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi, and the Kashmir and Badnaam bands.

Listen to this marvellous song if you haven’t already.

What bands received initial appreciation?

Since its inception, the season 3 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands had seen appreciation coming from the national and international audience. The top musical bands people loved the most were Tamaasha, Xarb, Bayaan, 21 the Band, Khamaaj, and a few others.

1. Tamaasha

Tamaasha received enormous viewership due to its performance on many iconic songs such as Sajnaa by Junoon the band. Their original song called ‘Roshni‘ forced Fawad Khan to award them with a standing ovation by making himself stand on the table.

This band succeeded in securing the top spot in all initial rounds with the panel of judges giving them a standing ovation for three continuous performances.

2. Xarb

‘Xarb’, which nobody really knew as much suddenly came into the limelight. This band with a Sufi approach in their music managed to gain a continuous appreciation from judges as well as the audience. The lead singer was given a nickname of ‘Saeen Gunghroo‘ by Bilal Maqsood from Strings the band.

This performance from Xarb the band is what we loved the most.

Two other people they used to play with moved to Badnaam, last year’s runner-ups. The band is based in Lahore and they’ve been favoured by the entire awaam since they came into the battle of the bands.

In an interview, the band talked about how they want their music to be filled with meaning and depth, when asked about their new-found platform with Pepsi, they said they want to use the new-found platform for being able to connect to their fans straight on and that they love live performances.

3. Bayaan 

Having most of its members performed previously at Nescafe Basement, this band managed to come up with strong melodies and music composition. The lead singer Asfar’s vocals are what judges loved the most. Despite ending up in the danger zone in many rounds, this band always managed to qualify for the next round.

This rendition of ‘Yeh Watan’ song originally performed by Mehdi Hasan gave goosebumps to the whole nation. Listen to this incredible performance if you haven’t done that already.

What happened next?

In the round of top four, two bands Tamaasha and 21 the band were eliminated as they could not deliver strong performances. The latest songs by Bayaan were loved by the audience the most.

In Pepsi Battle of the bands final episodeBayaan and Xarb performed their original songs which received enormous appreciation from the music lovers.

Here is how the episode 7 of this season unfolded.

The voting has ended!

In the voting round where the audience was asked to vote for their favourite band, many celebrities supported their own favourite band. During the voting round, the two bands performed in Lahore and at Lucky One mall located in Karachi.

Let’s see which band wins this season. May the best band win!


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