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Ways to Remove a Wrecked Car from Your Home

wrecked car is a car damaged to the extent that its cost of repair is more than its market value. The insurance company of the vehicle declared it as a totaled car after examination. Although you can repair a totaled car, it is difficult to sell a damaged car.

People would not buy a wrecked car until and unless they want a car for a meager price. The owners of wrecked vehicles don’t want to repair them as they need to spend highly on the repairs. Moreover, it is difficult to sell as they cannot find a buyer. However, there are ways to sell a totaled car in Melbourne. Let us see the available options to sell a wrecked car.


Sell it to the Insurance Company

If the insurance company has declared your car as a totaled, you can sell it to the same company. Doing this will make your car a salvaged car. Selling it to the insurance company will transfer the rights to sell the car to them. Now the insurance provider owns the vehicle, and they can do whatever they want like sell it further or disassemble the same to sell its parts. This is the most simple and convenient way to remove your wrecked car.

Sell it to a Junkyard


There are junkyards in all the major cities like Sydney and Melbourne that buy the damaged vehicles. Contact a junkyard to sell your vehicle, and they would visit your place to tow the car in their truck. This is the best option if your car is neither drivable nor steerable.

You don’t need to spend anything on the repairs or towing of the vehicle. Selling to a junkyard is the best way to get some cash for wrecked cars Melbourne. All you need is to find the nearest junkyard and contact them for selling your car.

Sell it to Wrecked Car Buyers

There are wrecked car buyers that sell them further to junkyards. These people are like middlemen, and they buy damaged cars at meager prices and sell them further to make a profit. If you want to sell your car to remove it from your place, you can choose to sell it to a wrecked car buyer. However, you will get a little price for your car.

Sell it in an Auction

Some tradesmen who deal in buying and selling of accidental cars participate in auctions. Such people also buy the car and sell it further to junkyards or disassemble them to sell their parts to garages and repair facilities. You can sell your car in an auction if you don’t want to repair or drive it. However, you may need to tow your vehicle to the location of the sale.

Repair and Sell


If your car is not damaged beyond repair, you can repair your vehicle to sell it to an individual buyer. You can drive your car until you plan to buy a new car. However, this option is suitable only if the cost of repair is less than the market value of the vehicle. The cost of repair should not be more than 20 percent of the market value of the car.

After repairing the car, you need to find the used car buyers. You can sell it in a used car market, but the broker will charge a commission for selling the car. It is best to sell it privately by listing it on the used car selling websites.

Disassemble and Sell

If your car is damaged only up to 50 percent, you can disassemble it and sell its parts to the garages and repair facilities. All you need is to take your car to the repair facility or call a mechanic who can disassemble it at your place. You can sell all the parts in good condition to the repair facilities and the damaged parts to a scrap yard. Disassembling and selling is the best option if all other options are not available in or around your city.

Sell to a Dealership

If you have obtained a salvage certificate for your car, you can sell it to some dealerships. Many dealerships buy salvaged cars and offer you cash immediately. These dealerships sell them further through various options such as auctions, junkyards, and recycling units. Selling to a dealership is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your damaged vehicle.

Final Words

Selling a wrecked car is not as difficult as people think. You can use any of the above given ways to sell your wrecked car. However, it is essential to plan to buy a new car if you don’t have another conveyance for daily commuting. Selling to the wrecked car buyers and junkyards are the simplest and easiest ways to get some cash for your wrecked car.


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