Warnings Issued to Netlfix over Controversial Rape Scene in 13 Reasons Why

The second season of the controversial teen-drama 13 Reasons Why has been released by Netflix, recently. This season deals with the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s suicide which sparked concerns amongst viewers, particularly over the detailed picturization.

13 Reasons Why Featuring The Mass Shooting in Santa Fe School

Spoilers Alert!

The finale of season two featured a horrific rape scene which is creating quite a stir amongst people, especially the parents. Parents from around the world are urging Netflix to pull the show back, as reported by The Independent. This season has been described as a ticking time bomb to teens by the Parents Television Council (PTC). The council also issued a warning about Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why (Season 2) and emphasized on pulling the entire series because of the potentially harmful content.

A student named Tyler is brutally raped by three students in a bathroom. They shave his entire head and then rape him. All of this happens in the season finale and parents believe that this is promoting violence among the teenagers. Showing this kind of extreme violence with the incident that took place at Santa Fe School in Texas recently and the other 80 mass shootings in the US since January 2018, this might not be the best content to go live on televisions.

13 Reasons Why Featuring The Mass Shooting in Santa Fe School

Are you among the fans of “13 Reasons Why” that are still supporting the show? Or, do you think it might not be in the best interest of the audience to showcase such details on television? Let us know in the comments.


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