Top Essential Tools to Maintain a Garden

People who have a yard or lawn need tools to keep it in good shape. Tools for a garden serve many purposes such as watering, mulching, pruning and cleaning the lawn.  Maintaining a garden without the essential tools is not only difficult but impossible.

The gardening tools are more than a lawn mower and garden hose. There are several other tools without which it is nearly impossible to maintain a beautiful garden. Let us check the top essential tools to help you maintain your garden.

Lawn Mower


It is an essential tool for your lawn as you need it to trim the grass uniformly. Keeping the grass to a minimum level is vital for proper lawn care. A lawn mower is one of the most critical and expensive tools that you need for lawn maintenance. Lawn mowers come in various types like battery operated, gas powered, electric and manual. You can choose a mower depending on your requirements and the size of your lawn.

Lawn Shears

Lawn shears are a highly useful tool to cut the grass from the areas that your lawn mower cannot reach such as corners and narrow strips. Lawn shears come in short and long handles to trim the grass easily form small areas. However, the shears with small handles require you to bend on your knees to cut the grass, but you can use the one with long handles while standing.


Aerator helps you to aerate your lawn which makes the soil less compacted for better absorption of water. The penetration of water to reach the roots is essential for the growth of plants and fertility of the land. You can buy an aerator or rent it from a gardening tools store to aerate your lawn. It is best to buy a small aerator as it can help you to aerate the small areas of your garden.


Gardeners use weeder tool for removal of weeds from a yard. Weeds grow in the spaces between the plants and reduce the growth of plants. They absorb the nutrients from the soil making them less available for plants. This affects plant growth significantly.

A weeder tool helps you remove all the weeds without the need of a weed killer. You should not try to remove the weeks with your hands as doing this leaves the roots in the soil. Hand weeder tools are designed in a way to remove the weeds from the roots so that they don’t grow back.

Pruning Tools


The trees and shrubs in a garden require seasonal pruning to maintain their growth and shape. Trees need seasonal pruning, but you need to prune the shrubs more frequently to maintain their round shape. You need pruning tools for the pruning of shrubs and trees in your garden. There are different pruning tools for trees and shrubs. Pruning also helps you maintain the beauty of your shrubs and the visual appeal of your garden.

Watering Hose

The plants in your garden need water for survival. A watering hose is an essential tool that helps you to water your plants, shrubs, trees, and grass in your garden. In addition to the watering hose, you also need sprinklers, nozzles and watering cans to control the watering for different areas.

For example, you need sprinkler heads for lawn irrigation and watering cans for watering the container plants. While purchasing a hose make sure it is made of soft rubber as they are easy to roll and store. Moreover, the soft rubber hoses don’t get hard and crack when you step on them in winters.

Garden Rake and Leaf Rake


A garden rake is a tool that helps you collect the grass, and debris from a lawn. A leaf rake helps you to sweep and collect the leaves that fell from the trees in your garden. The teeth of a leaf rake are narrower than a garden rake as they are designed to catch the large as well as smallest leaves. These tools help your gardener to clean the lawn after cutting the grass and shedding of leaves from trees.

Spade or Shovel

A spade or shovel is a tool that serves two main purposes in a garden – digging and picking the debris. You can use it for digging the soil when you want to plant a shrub or tree. It is also used for picking the debris like grass and animal waste firm any area in your garden. It also helps to take the soil or compost out from a pit. The landscape designers in Brisbane use the spade tool for making the flower beds, borders and rock retaining walls Brisbane.

Final Words

These are the must-have tools for every garden and landscape owner. They help you to maintain your garden as well as the visual appeal of your landscapers Brisbane. A well-maintained garden also improves the curb appeal and value of your home.


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