Top 7 Karachiite Photographers You Must Follow on Instagram

Our society and our culture need social acceptance. Pakistan has its own unique flavor or touches to its land. The youth of Pakistan, the new blood we commonly say, it’s rising up to write its own pages of glory. Who says we don’t have art or we don’t serve artistry? We have the finest people you can find around the globe.

Photography is an art and not everybody is an artist. Artists are not made, they are sculpted with hard work and passion for what they are doing. Not everyone has this kind of passion in them to presume, to walk on a path that needs unique talent and patience to prove progress.

Pakistan has many known figures in the field of photography but the youth of Pakistan is not less, they are progressing and continuing their journey to photography.

The top seven talented youngsters passionate about photography hailing from Karachi are:

1. Your4am (Syeda Rabia Atique):
Syeda Rabia Atique

Syeda Rabia Atique, has some different styles to her photography skills. She seems to be lively with a touch of things she likes to do. She has many pictures of old historical places in Karachi, she also seems to have an interest in water, greenery, and lifestyle. Not only this but symmetrical paintings and random views are also shown in her collection.

She is from Karachi and it’s obvious from her art that she would love to travel to Pakistan and discover more places of her taste to capture them. She also has an authentic taste to her homeland which makes her more lively with what she’s doing and she seems happy when photographing.

Syeda Rabia Atique Profile

2. Umairkhaanpk (Umair Khaan):
Syeda Rabia Atique Picture

Umair Khaan is a young rising photographer from Karachi, he is into all kind of shoots but his pictures show moods and taste of his sight as to how he sees the world. A man with old torn shoes, a poor kid with a bat holding in his hand, empty chairs in an old British school and old vintage stuff. It seems like he has the cultural values in him that make him capture the moment that makes others happy rather than valuing immateriality.

It shows his values to the roots to where he belongs. He wants to show more of this homeland and the uniqueness in his idea can take him too far and we must encourage people with such an amazing gift and should praise their talent.

Umair Khaan

3. Mystapaki (Bilal Hassan):
Bilal Hassan

Bilal Hassan is a bit more of a professional photographer as he participated in the Jazz trip with Eva, a foreign tourist who traveled all around Pakistan. He seems to have a different taste where it shows he loves capturing vintage things, old bazaars and whole countryside’s view in one image. His collection shows that he loves to travel, he also writes and he’s a doctor too. Well, that’s a new thing.

Continuing your photography passion with a professional degree in your hand needs a lot of courage to expand your ways. Our society has some norms and values that still don’t believe photography is an actual career to follow. Yes, we need to change our thoughts and look here we have this young talent rising up and not him but many other people also. Talking about Bilal Hassan he seems to have a unique taste of colors where he tries a pop of color in his every picture.

Bilal Hassan Profile

4. Jibran96 (Jibran):

Jibran’s collection shows a unique and classy style of how he looks to the thins. He has used faded shades into almost every other picture captured by him. He seems to have an intense taste to things when he visualizes them in a strange pattern that shows his style of classic things.

Most of the pictures show the nature and beautiful view. The pictures of mosques he captured show an intense view with fierce colors, his editing skills are really up to the mark. He has some intro written that shows his interest in cinematography, content directory and lifestyle. We need talent in our country so we must encourage people with such unique patterns and skills.

Jibran Profile

5. Khaula28 (Khaula Jamil):
Jibran Picture

Khaula Jamil is a documentary photographer who is known for her storytelling in photography. She was recently capturing people with a disease which was influencing many kids and teens in the interior side of Pakistan. On the other side, she has shown the passion of her love to vintage places and her love to history, to our roots. She also showed some major interest in finding vintage doors with unique patterns. Her pictures show her love to travel all around Pakistan in search of something that reflects her style.

khaula Jamil

6. Bae_zzy (Batool Abbas Ezzy):
khaula Jamil Picture

Batool Abbas is a Bohri photographer. She likes visiting old mosques that show calligraphic patterns on the wall. She has pictures of Old Bohri Bazaar in Karachi where she has shown some major interest in food and her lifestyle.where she is keeping her rituals prior rather than aiming to western culture or their traditions. We must encourage people rising for such a thing that is not common for people from a conservative house.

Batool Abbas Ezzy

7. Adenintensifies (Aden-intensifies):

Aden-intensifies seems to be a lively person with a bunch of moods, she loves nature, she loves vintage jewelry, she’s into capturing people and herself too. She shows her attachment to her roots, tradition and DESI touch to everything. The caption to her pictures is reflecting her love to Pakistani tradition and values.

Aden-intensifies Picture

Pakistan has talent and young blood is rising up for it. We have people participating in cinematography and documentary pictures or storytelling. The pictures they all have been uploading are really amazing. We must encourage our youth on social platforms and on a national level so they can do more and achieve more.










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