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Top 4 Rising Faces in the Modeling Industry

Karachi is a metropolitan city, it is also known as the city of dreams. You can never achieve anything until you have that passion in you and courage for it. There’s a theory that said, one who wants to wear the crown, must also bear the weight of the crown. If you wanted to follow your career and dream you must look up to it. Modeling is a very vast field, it doesn’t matter how modern your family would be or how developed your minds are but still deep down you will be blamed for opting this as your career.

It doesn’t require your money only but your time too, you need to give it the same time you’d serve for a professional degree or maybe more. Struggling is the part where you get rejected for being not what people want you to be so you try to change yourself, as long as the change derives you to your passion, it’s good but when it makes you a whole new person it won’t be much of a help to you.

We have a few rising talents and new faces that you must have a look:

Syed Altamash Khan (syed_altamash)

Syed Altamash Khan seems to be a talented model who has really photogenic postures. He seems very fine and calm with his work. He has a versatile profile including the cultural outfits that he’s rolling in and western pieces that he’s completely nailing it with. It seems he has been working for brands in-house. He has a sharp edge to all of his pictures that give all of it a spark to watch over and over.


See that’s the talent we have in our city, we must provide opportunities to such young talent and motivate them to work more. We must encourage them and appreciate them more rather than criticism.


Humair Khan (Humair.khan.904)


Humair Khan seems to have a bold profile where his portfolios show that he has been modeling for brands. He seems to an intense taste to his modeling platform. He has all kind of taste to what he should wear. He’s wearing traditional-style kurta and western wear with all classy looks and edgy smile. He seems to be working for in-house brands, we much appreciate such rising talent as all they need is social acceptance and recognition.

Hamza Khalil (HK Hamza Khalil)


Hamza Khalil has such epic portfolios that you can get your eyes off him. He has more of very bold photos. He also seems to have his interest in darker shady pictures that gives him a sharp tone whereas he has his pictures all in formals or others are pretty bold.

Mizna Malik (mizz.98)


Female models are always criticized for their looks and attitude. This girl Mizna has tried to make her way out in this field and she’s absolutely nailing it. She has shown her versatility in all traditional and western wear.


These are few of the most talented looking people we’ve come across with. Their passion and hard work will definitely widen their way. We must encourage people with such talent, it’s easy to mimic people but being or living their life is not easy.


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