Top 10 Travel Spots in Pakistan You Must Visit Once

Pakistan is a beautiful country and so it has some magnificent places including valleys, glaciers, forest, and mountains. Discussing all that we must know that Pakistan has many old cities that people barely know about. Those old cities have their own history from their glory to ruins, they have old temples and really old brick houses. As we have Moen Jo Daro and Harappa we may see people visiting these places and learning about their history.

Not only historic places but Pakistan also have big mountains, glaciers, and hilltops that are worth visiting for. We have rivers and historic lakes with some ancient stories. Pakistan is rich with minerals on the interior side, that is what everybody knows about its interior side but honestly, that interior place has so many other towns and quite old places that have a story and are worth watching.

While looking up for some best places to travel in Pakistan we must consider these also:

  • Saidu Sharif:

  • Saidu Sharif - Swat Valley
Usman Bukhari

Saidu Sharif is the largest city in Swat district after Mingola and Kabal. It is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is basically a province of Pakistan. This place was named after Saidu Baba who was the late former leader of Yousufzai state of Swat. Saidu Sharif has ruins and old buildings, temples and historic places.

It has the tomb of Saidu baba and royal residential palace of former Wali Swat, it also has many archeological spots so archaeologists visit this place often. It is also called the ‘old city of ruins and temples’. Most of the people living in Pakistan don’t have any knowledge regarding this place or any other place like this.

  • Malam Jabba:

  • Malam Jabba PC Hotel, Mountain & Ski Resort is open for business!

Malam Jabba is a place in Pakistan which is situated in northern part near Saidu Sharif in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The weather here is pretty cold and you can enjoy winters on full rage. It is famous for hiking, skiing, and chair lifting, it has beautiful views and now you can find 5-star resorts over there as well that are highly equipped with the latest stuff and facilities.

This place is perfect for a holiday spot where you can come and have some fun with friends and family. The mountains here are so magnificent that you will fall for them. It is definitely one of the top 10 places to travel in Pakistan.

  • Urak Valley:

  • Hanna Lake is in the hills close to where the Urak Valley Begins –  Government of Balochistan
Discover Pakistan

Urak valley is surrounded by mountains and has a beautiful view of hills. It has greenery all over and is located in Quetta district in Balochistan. It has a river on the entrance side of the valley which gives pleasure to eyes and the fresh green grass sets your mood. It’s may not the most known place in Pakistan but if you visit it once you will never stop thinking about nature’s beauty. The greenery here is so pleasing, finest apples in Pakistan are harvested from here and are imported as well, the land here is also used for agricultural purpose.

  • Lasht:

  • Madak Lasht | Chitral, Pakistan . | Imran Schah | Flickr
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Lasht is located on the Northern side of Pakistan as it connects Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s region. It has big mountains, most of the mountains are above the cloud that gives a perfect look to all dreams you can think of. It has hill stations and small hotels for you to visit, relax and enjoy the view. It also has hiking spots so you can hike anytime. They have well-constructed roads now that are easy to walk on or pass through. Lasht is regarded as one of the best travel spots in Pakistan.

  • Keenjhar lake:

  • Welcome to Keenjhar Lake Resort, Thatta

Keenjhar lake which is also called Kalri lake in Urdu is pretty known to all. It is located in Thatta district, Sindh, Pakistan. It is a freshwater lake which has some stories attached to it also. People visit this place often and so does the tourists. This word Keenjhar is comprised of two words, Keen means plant and Jhar means water. The water here is really fresh and it has huts and motels around it so people can visit and stay for a day too.

  • Hingol National Park:

  • POST EID | One Day Excursion to Hingol National Park -
Majid Hussain

Hingol National Park is located a few miles away from Gwadar. It was established in the late 90s and it is near the port area, a few hours away from Karachi. This place has resorts and huts so if you get an opportunity to visit this place you must stay there also as it has the facilities to comfort its visitors. It is one of the best travel places in Sindh.

  • Attock:

  • Attock – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Attock which is also known as Campbellpur is situated in the northern side of Punjab. It is not far from Islamabad’s capital though. This city has a story that it was found by the Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th century and after a few years, it was named after Sir Colin Campbell.

  • Balakot:

  • Balakot strike not disputed, but locals say only 1 dead - Telegraph India
Syed Ali Yahya

It is located in Mansehra District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it was a beautiful town which was destroyed by the earthquake in Kashmir. After some time it was rebuilt for the earthquake refugees with the assistance of Saudi and Pakistan welfare.

  • Mingora:

  • Mingora - Wikipedia
Sakhan Photography

Mingora is the largest city in the Malakand division. It is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is few miles away from Saidu Sharif. It is a beautiful city which also reflects the cultural heritage and charm of old traditions. Mingora is famous for large tourism and warm welcoming.

  • Biafo Glacier:

  • Biafo Glacier - Wikipedia

Biafo Glaciers are from one of the most beautiful glaciers we have in Pakistan. It has two ice plain that connects Nagar and Baltistan. It has a snow lake and high pointed mountains that give a glow when sunbeams hit directly on it.

So, when are you planning the next trip?

There undoubtedly are hundreds of tourism places in Pakistan which you can go to any time of the year but these ten places are worth visiting once in your life.


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