This video on the internet showing racism in children is a slap on our face

It would not be something new to bring out that racism and xenophobia has mounted up all over the world and the world has been getting effected largely by its doings. And simultaneously, you can’t miss to see its rise on the internet as there is always a story or two inoculating hate and dislike towards people belonging to a certain race particularly the blacks.

But what surprised and upsetted me earlier this morning is when I came across a video on the internet showing the alarming scenario where a group of children are seen bullying and mocking a little kid on being black.

This video was captured in Bilbao, Spain. In the video it can be seen that a small group of native kids are playing on a playground hopped on a slide when a black mother with her child approached them. As soon as the child climbs up the stairs to have a slide down the chute, the children stop him. The child keeps resisting and continues trying to have a slide, but the children would not let him to do so. They call after him and mock him.

The mother of the child calls other parents for help but no one except one woman draws close to handle the kids. However, this does not do anything for the poor child, as the children atop the slide keep blocking his way. After a while, the children start to hit the poor little boy, upon which his mother takes him away from them.

Children chanted ‘You are not white!’

At this point, the mother takes the child to another corner of the playground where the child hops on a slide to play. But to their amazement, the native children start calling out from over the slide and shout ‘You are not white’.

This is the point where I asked myself,’What have we done to our children?’

There is no easy way to describe the horror stories of America’s black slave history. For years blacks have been deemed as slaves and when they finally got their identity, they are still some way or the other being treated unfairly and are being thrown hate on their face.

Sadly, we have inoculated hate and racism in our children

But the saddest part of the story is that this time it is the children who displayed hatred in their innocence. Children are not racist by nature nor are they born with harming assumptions about other people in any definable group, race, caste or religion.
It is our failure that has resulted in a situation like this when children, who are built to protest loud and clear when they see mistreatment against someone, are seen showcasing an act of hate themselves.

Check out the video here:


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