This is How Pakistanis Reacted to Imposition of Gunnah Tax on Cigarettes

The federal government has decided to impose “Gunnah Tax” in order to boost the health sector. Speaking to the public health conference at the Health service academy, National Health Minister Ammer Mehmood Kiyani announced the imposition of Gunnah or ‘Sin tax’ on cigarettes and sugary beverages. He further reviewed regarding the implementation of the tax.

  1. This act will discourage the taking of tobacco and cigarettes especially among youngsters.
  2. This move will increase the price of cigarettes as the authorities are mulling to impose Rs. 5 to Rs.15 tax on each packet.
  3. Collection of amount through this tax will be allocated in Prime Minister Health Programme.

After this announcement people couldn’t hold back and start trolling the government of Pakistan. They seem not really happy about proposing a new bill on cigarettes in the National Assembly. They took the help of keyboards and keypads and write on social media like twitter, facebook, and other social apps about it. Newly Government was targetted and many people said they want their “dil ki dharkan” back as they were pointing on Nawaz Sharif to back in government.


The government’s economic plans and finance minister have also been targeted. In one tweet, a person said “before election Asad Umer had many plans and now they have Chanda, AndaMurghi, and Gunnah etc.


Some people even dragged famous Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan as people saw her pictures in past and asked her to raise voice on this imposition. They made a hashtag “I STAND WITH MAHIRA”.



Further, many people are eager to know about the imposition of tax makeup and other cosmetics is possible and what name would be called?



Moreover, Smokers asked for forgiveness to the government in a sarcastic way.


With trolling and criticizing there are a number of people who appreciated this act. They completely agree with this imposition of the tax.



They gave logics on the positive impact of the society if this law will be implemented properly throughout the country.


They further justified the term “Gunnah” and said the government is not trying to imply the cigarettes in Gunnah category, their aim is to discourage the public in consuming cigarettes and tobacco-related products.


On the Social Media platform, some people also asked about the imposition of law on other illegal acts that are actually Gunnah like harassment and alcohol.



Yes, sin tax is the most common law imposed in many counties of the world in order to increase revenue. But this new tax raised many questions about the performance of a newly formed government. And, it is the right way to go to prosperous Naya Pakistan?


What do you think?

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