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Things that we are all guilty of doing during Ramadan


Ramadan makes up to be the favorite month of all the Muslims around the globe and there is no second thoughts to this fact. From Suhoor when you gulp down bottles after bottles of water down your throat to Iftar (when you make sure no bit of food is left uneaten) and then the taraweeh, everything is as exciting as being remembered for days after the month ends.

However, there are certain things that add to your daily routine during Ramadan which just cannot be ignored. Here is the list of things that I am sure each of our Ramadan day comprises of.

Plethora of Kelulas/Naps

You can literally sleep anywhere anytime 


Opening up the freezer randomly to cool the imaan

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Getting super excited when maghrib azaan is five mins away

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Devouring all the luxe food on dastarkhuwaan enthusiastically


Skipping dinner because you are sleepy post iftar too


Instagramming your fab iftari


Staying awake till Sehri

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Is this all what you do too? Let us know in the comments how you spend your entire day during Ramadan.


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