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Things that disappear when you need them the most!

One of the daily routines of our life is losing our possessions and spending half of the day searching for them. Studies reveal that millennials spend about 30 percent of their day searching for their lost items. And this is not a surprise! It is really irritating when you cannot remember where you put your things and have to look at every nook and cranny in the quest to recover the item and we all have been there.

Most of the time we never find them where they were put last, however sometimes they are found from the very spot surprisingly. (Which is no less than a joyous moment)

Here are some of the things which are meant to get misplaced no matter how well you take care of them.

The remote control ( The king of the ‘lost-parade’)

Source: Keene Electronics

Hands free (Either miserably tangled or lost. Handsfree are very naughty)

Source: Sound Guys

Glasses (Ask all the Harry Potters how miserable it gets)

Source: Sneaking Duck

Scarf Pins (Ask a hijabi the woe!)


Source: Cover Up Couture

Nail cutter (Or do we even have one at home?)

Source: Keene Electronics

Hair Pins and Ponies (No matter how many you buy, they disappear into the blackhole!)

Source: Amazon

Pens (Another blockhole resident)


A nice dress (it is always there when you do not plan to wear it)

Source: Fashion Central

Keys (How we wish they had a feature on which we could send a missed bell from our phones!!)

Source: Macworld

Friends (They are no where to be seen when you need them, they go gayab!)

Source: Bolde

So.. How often do you lose them?


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