The ‘Strange Reasons To Block Someone’ hashtag is Taking Twitter on Storm!

Whether it’s a political face-off or just a random public opinion, Twitter never disappoints us to entertain. But the obvious trollers, cyber-lunatics, and un-wanted preachers will never stop ruining your social fun time.

But besides the obvious reasons, some strange yet interesting reasons to block someone has come across Twitter and Twitter is loving it! The hashtag #StrangeReasonsToBlockSomeone is is getting viral and the tweets are simply hilarious! Here are some which I found pretty dope!

1. The Retweet Beggers

2. Because Highway is Better Than Their Way


3. Because They are Sweet and You Feel Diabetic!


4. Because You Just Can’t Disrespect Pizza!

5. Because Twitter Ain’t a Daycare Centre!

6. Because It’s Not Them, It’s You!

7. You are a Film and Your Family a Drama!

So what’s your reason to block?


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