The Return of Street Crimes Monster in Karachi


The Monster named “Street Crimes” has now returned to Pakistan and started haunting once again, especially in Karachi, after a few months of hibernation. This harsh reality often dies after every few months by suffocating with baseless promises and assurance.

Here in Karachi, nine out of every ten people have their “Memorable Snatching Story” to tell you. Yes, unfortunately, I too have one! Two gunmen show up from nowhere and take your cellphones, bags, wallet, jewelry and other essentials. They don’t even bother to cover their faces because they are so sure that no is one going to arrest them anyway.

All political parties blame each other but no one is ready to take charge and plan some definite steps in order to eliminate serious issues like snatching, target killing, and kidnapping in Pakistan. However, the current law and order situation is raising serious concern over Sindh Government and made all of us threatened and infuriated at the same time.

Each day we see such news popping up on news channel but die right there. Even the Karachi Operation of Peace 2013 failed to control street crimes in Karachi. Recently, Dr. Imam took charge as IG Sindh and ensured the elimination of Street Crime in Karachi. A month ago, the motorcycle patrolling batch also launched with 200 personnel and 100 motorbikes in Karachi’s South district. But here, we see no improvement but witness the outrageous rise in such incidents.

There is a Campaign Against Street Crimes!

Someone from Karachi has started a campaign against street crimes. The page is called ‘Against Street Crimes in Karachi’, where people are sharing their experiences of mobile snatching along with the actions they took after the incident.

Have a look:

How to fight street crime


If you became a victim of mobile snatching lately, send your story to this page!

What is Sindh Police Doing Against Street Crimes in Karachi?

Thousands of street crimes take place on the daily basis but 70% do not feel like to file FIR due to hopelessness and mistrust on police. Here in Pakistan people are deprived of basic necessities and job opportunities. These circumstances resulted in street crimes like mobile phone snatching, kidnapping, and harassment.

Additional IG Karachi, Additional IG Special Branch, IG Traffic, zonal DIGs, and other senior police officials attended a meeting in order to discuss security arrangements. However, we have been witnessing such table talks since ages now its high time to see some real actions before people themselves take any charge and start mugging and burning robbers and thieves.


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