The Nun – A setback in the least!

It’s safe to say that when it comes to watching coming movies, your friends will irritate you to no end to let’s plan and watch this one together. I bet, it provokes you to strangle them to death when the movie, you wasted your money on, turned out to be shitier than your imagination.

One such movie is “the nun “, the prequel of the conjuring series. Which by the way everyone has watched and later reviewed as a total disaster.

The movie revolves solely around the main characters; the famous miracle hunter, Father Burke(Demián Bichir), a trainee nun sister Irene(played by Vera Farmiga’s younger sister Taissa), a delivery man, and Frenchie (Jonas Bloque).

Coming to the story, the nun is a prequel in the Conjuring series, the story is set in post-war Romania in 1952. Frenchie discovers a nun hung to death on the steps of an ancient abbey post her encounter with some mysterious creature. He then notifies the scene to the Vatican who in order to get the film into action, dispatches the Priest known as Ed and sister Irene who supposedly has some sort of connection to the area. Both reaching the forbidden abbey, eventually discovers that the nursery is holding secrets of biblical proportions and is home to the demon, Valak, the renowned Nun. the same mainstream story of every other horror film continues on with just a little change that a kid killed in failed exorcism gets after Ed and tortures him but Irene encounters the same old story of cat and mouse with Nuns.

Even though it is earning globally, it didn’t live up to many people’s expectations. Like firstly why repeating that same old horror cliche scenes over and over again? Then that trainee nun’s role, she is an in-between nun yet the Vatican sends her out to solve their biggest case, I mean what logic does it prevail? Then that 4th character, Frenchie who loomed across the movie and seemed way too extra. Then coming back to the story, they could easily make it a hit by adding some creative new yet intriguing ideas but no!

However, the sound system in theatres in 4-5 scenes did give us chills down our spine and that were the only scenes that gave us the feels of watching a horror movie and not some typical comedian drama.

Well, to add further spiciness the reviews that followed were hilarious. Some of them didn’t spare the plotline:

Someone coughed in #TheNun and I swear to God that was the scariest thing in the whole movie.

— Thomas Stoneham-Judge (@beingTSJ) September 8, 2018

And this one summed up our reaction!

It’s rich with a nice gothic atmosphere, but #TheNun never does manage to justify the character getting a solo story. Worse yet, she’s barely even utilized, making less of an impression in her own movie than she did as a side character in the far superior Conjuring 2. Very dull.

— John Squires (@FreddyInSpace) September 7, 2018

Trendy these days!

‘NUN’ of the scenes are scary! 🤷🏻‍♂️ #TheNun

— vb (@vbzu) September 7, 2018


Watched #TheNun last night. Wasn’t that scary though. The only thing that made it scary was the dramatic background music 🤷🏽‍♀️

— Filomena Lagilevu (@Lagilevu_Fiji) September 7, 2018

Many even asked for a refund!

Watched #TheNun last night. Wasn’t that scary though. The only thing that made it scary was the dramatic background music 🤷🏽‍♀️

— Filomena Lagilevu (@Lagilevu_Fiji) September 7, 2018

Even memes didn’t spare The nun!

Prepare to meet The Nun (New Official Trailer)

Here is another one!

THE NUN - Official Teaser Trailer [HD] - YouTube

Was it a hit or a miss?

Despite the fact that its opening received a record-breaking number at the box office, we surely won’t recommend it to you but if you prefer movies with a subtle hint of horror then go for it. We would though recommend you to instead of wasting your money, spend it on Pakistani movies like Parwaaz hai Junoon, JPNA 2 and load wedding, these are decent enough films with logical stories at least.


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