Survival Tips for Camping and Hiking

Camping and hiking activities are full of fun and enjoyment as you roam in nature for a few days. You take a break for the daily routine and work stress to refresh your body and mind. However, the hiking and camping sites are full of dangers.

The rugged landscapes are difficult to walk, and the no availability of food and water adds to the problems. Moreover, there is a fear of wild animals that can attack anytime. Let us read some survival tips for the safety of your friends and family.

The Right Camping Site


It is crucial to choose the right camping site for the safety of your friends and family. You must research about various camping sites before choosing one for your camp. Ask some experienced campers who visited those sites in the past about their experiences. They can tell you about the advantages and risks associated with these sites. Also, read the online reviews of some camping sites and choose the ones that are safe according to the present conditions.

Transport Vehicle

There is no bus facility available in the wild territories. Therefore, you should have your vehicle to reach the camping site. An SUV would be fine but make sure it is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. A 2WD SUV may not be good if you want to drive to the camping site. See which of your friends has a 4 wheel drive vehicle and use it for going to the camping location as you need to carry all your stuff in the car.

Compass and ‏‏Map


Many people are lost every year in the wild territories and jungles. A compass and map helps you to find directions and saves you from getting lost in the jungles. Moreover, you should carry a GPS device that can help you find directions and routes on the wild terrains. You can use the map and GPS to mark the spots where you have been and use the same route to return to your camping site.

Lighting Essentials

If you are planning a camping trip for several days and nights, you need light for protection in the night. Take the solar lamps, flashlights, and extra batteries to have light in the nights. You need light in your tent, and outside the tent, if you want to find something in the night. The mountains and jungles get dark earlier than the cities and towns.

Food and Water

You need to carry enough food and water to survive on the camping site. You may find a river or stream in the jungle but not food. Moreover, the water in the river or stream is not good for drinking. Therefore it is better to carry enough snacks, raw foods and cooking utensils for preparation of food. Also, take enough water and portable water filters to drink the water from rivers.

Wood or Coal


The camping locations are usually cold, and you need to light a fire for cooking and warming your sitting area. Take enough wood chips for cooking your food and light the campfire for the number of days you want to camp.

Waterproof Spray

Weather can change anytime on the camping sites, and rains can surprise you all of a sudden. A waterproof spray can save your backpack and other items that can damage by getting wet. Buy a good quality waterproof spray to protect your items from water until you reach your tent.


Lighting a fire can keep you warm while you sit around and chat, but you need warmth for sleep. Take warm clothing and sleeping bags with you to have a good night sleep. Your clothes can wet in the rain and wet clothes quickly soak away heat from the body. Therefore, it is essential to carry extra pairs of warm nightwear for keeping you dry and sleeping.

First aid kit

The camping sites are full of dangers and risks and injuries can happen anytime due to falls or animal attacks. A first aid kit can help you provide quick relief from injuries. Also, it contains some life-saving medicines like an anti-snakebite serum. A first aid kit can save a life in case of accidents until the person can be taken to the nearest medical facility.

Emergency Devices

You must carry the emergency devices that can send emergency signals to the lifesavers. Sometimes, campers get lost in the wild territories, and they are not able to find a way to get out of the jungles. You must carry the devices like pocket mirrors, whistles, and other devices that can be used to send signals to the passing helicopters or aircraft for help.

Final Words

Don’t forget to create a list of all the required camping gear and research about the camping site you plan to visit. Researching helps you to know the risks and requirements of visiting the site. Also, read the online reviews of the camping site and study about it before you leave for the trip. Following the survival tips for camping in this post can help you prepare better and enjoy your camping trip to the fullest.


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