Social Media Is Going Crazy Over Bahria University’s New Circular

Bahria University Islamabad is all over social media after a circular from the institution went viral over the internet. According to the circular, male and female students at the university premises need to maintain a minimum distance of 6 inches between themselves or disciplinary actions will be taken otherwise. It further cleared the statement by mentioning that males and females will not be allowed to touch each other. This was followed by an instruction of maintaining the dress code as well.

According to the university, this move would help it limit interaction between two opposite genders in the premises and ensure discipline across the campus.

Here’s the circular that went viral over social media:

Social Media Going Crazy Over Bahria University’s New Circular

Commodore (R) Syed Hasan Mustafa, Director of Bahria University Islamabad has allegedly signed off on the order as well.

Social Media Reactions

Social media literally had a field day with this notification. The move has attracted both support and outrage given its recent decision. with the majority making fun of how ridiculous the notification sounds.

What do you guys think about this 6-inch ka faasla?


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