Social Media Campaign to Boycott Fruits Gains Popularity Among Masses

#Boycottfruits is floating all over social media as the fruit prices across the country soar and people have decided to boycott fruits once again. Muslims around the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan which sends out a message of mutual affection and caring for each other. The month preaches us to look out for the poor of the society, but here in Pakistan, the message seems to get drowned out every year by the mafia that controls the prices of all food commodities in Pakistan.

While other non-Muslim countries offer special Ramadan deals, Pakistan seems to be going the opposite way. The authorities have somewhat given up as they have failed time and time again to control the hike in prices.

Approved Rates Vs Actual Rates

Some prices reported by the customers:

Chickpeas: Sold at Rs 220 per kg against the government’s approved rate of Rs 150 kg.
Bananas: Sold at Rs 150 per dozen in the market, against government’s approved rate of Rs 110 per dozen.
Khajla: Sold at Rs 240/kg in the market against government’s approved rate of Rs 200 per kg.
Samosa: Samosa’s rate stands at Rs 10-14, however, it is being sold at Rs 18-20 in the market.

The authorities arrested and fined 7 fruit sellers. They were charged a fine of Rs 175,000, however, it has failed to control the spiking prices. In another raid, shopkeepers were fined Rs 16,000 for violating the official price list, but it still hasn’t caused any decrease in the prices across the country.

The Boycott
Last year, when the fruit prices raised, the public stood up and stopped buying fruits to bring the prices down. To curb this mafia that makes the illicit profit during Ramadan, another campaign is catching fire on social media this year. The three-day campaign was very successful last year as the prices fell drastically as soon as the vendors came to their senses. These sky-touching prices can’t be justified by any means as it deprives the poor class of having any chances of buying fruits in the Holy month.
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