Preventive Measures We Must Take to Stop Child Abduction in Karachi

Can you imagine the pain of a parent when their child is snatched away from their hold?

Can you imagine the longing of a parent when they await their beloved child to return from school or work or any outgoing? No, you cannot! At least not the ones who haven’t faced it or do not have an offspring.

The citizens across Pakistan go through this horror but the thing is the number of child abduction has escalated to a higher scale recently.

One such case happened recently when a veiled woman snatched an 8-month-old baby, Faiza, from her mother’s grasp at a residential building across Napier police station. The unidentified woman fled with the child leaving no traces behind. An FIR was later registered against the unknown woman but no action has been taken so far.

According to recent international statistics, around 2,135 cases of missing children were registered in Police stations of Karachi alone and there are approximately 1.5 million street children in Pakistan. Also, it states that in 2016, 52 cases of trafficking, 472 cases of kidnapping and 115 cases of missing children were reported in the media throughout Pakistan whereas 576 children were a victim of trafficking inside Pakistan.

Above statistics comprise of only the bit of cases reported to the police station, there are still so many cases not being reported because either our respect is more valuable to us than our children or we are told to.

While the statistics are enough to scare us, it’s time that we start acting up and stay alert at all times. If a child can be kidnapped inside of a house, it can happen anywhere and anytime.

the risk of kidnapping should not be taken lightly by any parent, anywhere


A Few Tips to Ensure your Little One’s Safety are:

  1. First and foremost, forbid your child to talk to any strangers. Especially if they seem too joyful. For it can act in both harassments as well as abduction.
  2. Don’t put your child’s name tag on any of his school belongings. If you have to mark their clothes, mark it with either the initial of their names or inside where it’s not easily visible
  3. Be very cautious of your surroundings in public areas. Advise children to stay close and never unclutch your hands with them at any cost.
  4. Don’t just tell them to scream louder but also tell them to shout HELP as loudly and as much as they can. Also, running the fastest is the best option to teach them to run faster.
  5. Children are innocent and tend to receive gifts from anyone so forbid them to do so even if that uncle or aunt is your neighbor.
  6. Keep an eye on your servants, helpers, neighbors, or anyone outside of your close family. Also, hire servants after fully investigating them.
  7. Don’t leave main gates open. And Advise family members to stay with the children if they are playing in the street.
  8. Never leave your child unsupervised at all times.
  9. Teach your children your phone numbers. Make them memorize it.
  10. Never ask a stranger to hold your baby, not even for a second.
  11. Never let any stranger in your home easily. Thoroughly examine them first.
  12. Invest in a GPS tracking device. Toddlers are very busy and it’s not difficult to lose sight of them – especially in busy shopping centers.


These are some of the safety measures, add more if you can think of anything else. Most importantly please HELP people when someone asks for it for what goes around comes around.


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