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Pakistan to Face India Despite The Political Difference

Pakistan’s national game is hockey, however, Pakistanis seem more emotionally inclined towards cricket. The enthusiasm seems to take flight when it comes to India Pakistan Cricket match. Adding to the reason why tickets of India Vs Pakistan match are all sold out just before 2 weeks.

On contrary, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) seems dejected by the scheduling of undoubtedly the biggest game of 2018. Catering to the reason why they slammed the drawback in July 2018 claiming it to be a mindless fixture.

“The scheduling is mindless,” a senior BCCI official told in an interview. “There appears to be zero application of mind. How can you accept a scenario where India plays a game today and tomorrow it will face its arch-rival Pakistan who will have a two-day period of rest?”

BCCI’s concerns are perfectly justified considering Pakistan being dominant in the UAE, winning 19 of the contests and Kohli not playing, citing to take a full on rest after consecutive plays and Rohit Sharma to lead the team, it might become easier on Pakistani team to secure title this time around too but as they are the most unpredictable team it is hard to guess.

Further, He added, ”This is unacceptable and has to be revisited. Maybe for the organizers, it is just a money-spinning game but for us, it is important that there be equity in scheduling”.

Pulling more light towards this issue, here is a glimpse of Pakistan’s timeless wins against India.

India and Pakistan’s Timeless Encounters:


1. 1986, first India Pakistan Asian Cup encounter:

India Pakistan matches are history even if it’s just a friendly match. But the most historic match between India Pakistan was held in 1986. At the last bowl, Javed Miandad shot an unexpected sixer which led him to earn a title for which he is recalled as the most cherished moment till date. Anyways, Pakistan secured a win against India by 4 runs.

2. 2000, Another Asia Cup match:

Pakistan bested India in another memorable match in 2000 Asia Cup. With every player giving his personal best, it was a definite win. Though, Shahid Khan Afridi and moin khan over shined others.

3. 2014 Asian cup:

2014 Asian cup final cannot be forgotten, at least not by Pakistanis’. As it marks the dramatic win Pakistan secured over India, ousting them by 1 wicket. It is memorable since recalling it takes you back to the racing heart beats of supporters and the most unpredictable match with each side playing their best.. A never-ending drama lasted with gaining a narrow victory by just 1 wicket.

However, India Pakistan’s history of cricket took a dramatic turn when in 2008, India suspended bilateral ties with Pakistan as a comeback for Mumbai attacks but the two teams continued to play each other in international tournaments, including the ICC Champions Trophy final in England last year with again Pakistan defeating India and conquering the victory.

Furthermore, Asia Cup 2018 comprises of total 6 teams with Srilanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh being the other teams besides India Pakistan and 6th spot vacated for a qualifying team. Also, mentioned tournament was to be held in India but due to Pakistan and India’s bilateral ties, location shifted to Dubai.
Except the stadiums will be rented out to India by Emirates Cricket Board to take on the event as official host. The tournament will start from 15th Sept and proceed to 28th September.


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