Meera Jee Why You Do This Jee ?

After nine long years of legal battle and lies, Lahore’s family court has ruled our very own Meera jee to be the wife of Sheikh Attique ur Rahman and dismissed the actor’s petition to bar Attique from calling her his wife.

Meera Jee Why You Do This Jee

According to the verdict; the nikkahnama (legal marriage contract) between Meera jee and Attique is legit. This means that the two were, in fact, married. Meera told the court that the nikkahnama and pictures were forged, however, the court rejected her claims. The court further stated that the pictures and other evidence provided by Attique ur Rehman were valid and the two were legally married.

While addressing the media, the actor’s family reported that they were expecting the verdict to be in her favor. Well, along with her family members and the guys waiting to Rishta her, Meera jee has broken our heart too.


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