Marketing Trends in Dubai How Real Estate Companies are Marketing

The importance of Real Estate investment is not unknown to people nowadays. This industry encompasses all the reasons one can think of while investing their money or any asset on something. Putting your resources into Real Estate can go under one of the quickest ways of earning additional money and adding it to your financial balances.

In addition to this, the Real Estate industry also provides a considerable security plan. However, one must realize that this industry has its highs and lows and must be dealt with properly in order to tackle any potential problem. It is important the investors have substantial details about this industry and have every bit of information that they must have to ditch any possibility of a glitch.

As much important it is for the investors to be smart with their investment, it is equally essential for the property sellers to market their properties in the most appropriate way in order to successfully make sales in the clustered real estate market.

Here are some of the latest marketing trends in the real estate industry that property sellers such as Schon Properties, Emaar, and DAMAC in the Middle East, specifically in Dubai, use.

  1. Virtual House Tours

The virtual house tour is an essential tool to market and is being used properly. The Dubai housing market the real estate businesses have been using it so well. They have started doing the virtual house tours which allow the buyer to see the whole property view more like a real image so they can get the definite idea and that can satisfy them also convince them to show their participation in buying the property. 3D video clips and virtual tours brought big changes into it and so are totally in trend for digital marketing strategies.

Real estate companies based in Dubai such as Majlis Properties are already providing this service to their potential buyers. Even companies such as Schon Properties and Dacha Real Estate are working on introducing this service for their customers. The greatest benefit of these virtual house tours is that it saves the companies from spending their resources on physical tours.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is being used very finely as everyone now knew that digital marketing can explore new doors to the way of channelizing your product or service. It’s more like a mandatory thing to go through. Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are used all day hence, people consider advertisements on it. Many companies have great social media profiles such as Schon Properties Twitter where you can know about all their updates and new projects.

The real estate marketing business established a strong chain of followers which promote their pages on the social platforms where advertisements are really considered and work well. The thought of an idea that comes from the mind having thought of slow poisoning. Well, let’s consider it in a positive way where people are injected with the same points and figures so they’ll somehow respond to it.

  1. Connectivity

Connectivity is important, for a strong marketing strategy it is important that you must be attached to the people you’re doing business with. This policy is being used all the way in Dubai, where they believe that connectivity doesn’t comprise of the literal meaning, for instance, connecting to phones only, but it goes like you have to stay in touch with your client through their email or phones or sending greetings to their houses on occasions. This is how you’ll stay in touch with them and this will be surely helpful in marketing as well. Be it

  1. Videos are winning

It is true that video marketing is one of the most influential ways of marketing your products and services. Pertaining to the changing mentality of buyers, the real estate market in Dubai has also changed how they are marketing their properties. A video marketed on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube can attract serious buyers who are always willing to invest big.

The greatest benefit of a video is that it perfectly highlights major and minor details of a real estate project and the services of a real estate company. Take Emaar Dubai for an instance, they regularly publish briefing videos on their latest projects, their advertisements and explainer videos on why a certain property project is worth investing in. We can also take the YouTube channel of Schon Properties Dubai as an example where they upload videos of their achievements and their latest real estate projects.

  1. Social advertising is a NEED!

A few facts need to be considered before we jump onto why social media advertising is needed for real estate business. Almost 1.52 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis while there are over 2.32 billion active users on Facebook. Now, real estate companies know that most of their customers are active users on social media hence, advertising on Facebook is not an option anymore, it has become a NEED.

Look at Schon Properties Twitter, they maintain their reputation on the platform and also use Facebook and Instagram for targeted advertising. The importance of social media advertising cannot be denied. Gone are the days of traditional advertising. The real estate companies in Dubai have realized at the right time that it is in their favor if they spend a major chunk of their marketing budget on social advertising because they know it brings them profits.


For the property sellers to pick the most striking and effective marketing strategies, it is best if they have a thorough look at the market and see the latest trends in marketing real estate commercial or residential properties. The real estate companies in Dubai are continuously evolving their marketing strategies and they are surely making huge profits out of their new strategies.


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