Looks like Natalia Gul’s sense of humor is too much for our appetite

So Naya Pakistan is finally here but guess who is still as old and bigoted as ever? Us! A portion of this country which is probably not much familiar with the word ‘comedy’.

In a country like Pakistan ( where people get hot under the collar about the littlest of jokes on their culture) having a sense of humor that hits culture is like walking on a thin rope with fire set ablaze beneath.

Natalia Gul Jilani who recently tried her hand on this act of bravery got herself into trouble because apparently, some people in our country are too caste-bakht (okay that’s not a word, I made it up) to take things as jokes when comes to their caste and culture. Natalia, a Sindhi stand-up comedian, is a budding artist who hails from Karachi. She owns a Youtube Channel where she has picked up a fairly good amount of followers given she has quite recently started out. Natalia Gul Jilani recently came under fire as she performed a comedy set which was objected to by people belonging to her community.

Her comedy set was performed on a platform provided by ‘The Circus’ which is an Online Entertainment Channel that gives a platform to the content creators to showcase their talent under a giant spotlight.

In an episode posted by ‘The Circus’ on their Facebook page, Natalia talked about Sindhi people in an amusing manner and also made fun of the people belonging to this community ON A VERY LIGHT NOTE.

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However, this comedy was not taken as entertainment by some people and angered them so much that Natalia was given death threats.

It all started with this video which was deleted by the page as soon as harsh reactions and threats poured in. Later the Comedian apologized as well.

The page that posted the video released an official statement that apologized and explained how it was meant to be for entertainment purpose only and didn’t mean to hurt any group of people.]


Some people came out in support for her as well including Nabeel Gabol, a Sindhi politician, who tweeted ‘Im a sindhi nd i realy liked ur act nothing wrong abt it ppl who criticize u r themself empty head. Keep up the gud work’

In the midst of it all, we can not help but notice how this intolerance is shown to her only because she is a female. Considering the fact that Ali Gul Pir, who is also a Sindhi, mocked the culture in his song ‘Wadera ka beta’ yet it was enjoyed by all and no one was troubled by it.

We look towards the day when our people will start appreciating comedy and cultural satire.


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