Internet Confuses My Social Media Accounts with One of the Texas School Shooting Victim’s and it Taught Me A lot About the Absurdity of Today’s World

I woke up on Saturday to this sad news of Texas school shooting event that happened to demise 10 innocent lives. Among them was a Pakistani exchange student “Sabika Sheikh”, a 17 years old young girl that lost the battle of life in this whole scenario.

But to my surprise, there was something extremely wrong with my social media accounts. My tweets were getting retweeted, I gained more than 25 followers overnight, got around 35 friend requests on facebook, uncountable likes, and comments on all of my facebook posts. Especially my last status that was quite ironic and emotional according to the event.


My last updated Facebook post

Now, for the most of it, my posts are generally on public privacy and I happened to share the news of Sabika’s (the victim) death on my Facebook account as well. Not understanding all this, when a friend of mine messaged me about the absurdity of my name being letter to letter similar to one of the victim’s name, it clicks my mind that maybe my overnight internet popularity is an attribute of my account being mistaken with the victim’s one.


I was so clueless and decided to put a status on this, asking them the obvious question of “who are you guys?”. And it turns out that they were actually mistaking me with the unlucky Pakistani exchange student that lost her life in Texas.

At least we all know that we’re heading towards a wrong direction

However, it all happened to be one big mistake, but the primary question remains the same. Why? Why anyone would even want to search the victims online, and out of what curiosity? people have been messaging me “RIP”, even when it was clear that I might not be the one. Talk about trolls taking every opportunity they get.

Imagine if they really get to her account and start liking and commenting on her profiles, how extremely jumpy and unethical that would be. Death demands condolence, not audience. This complete absurd outline taught me that how interfering and intruding we have become as a society. We think no more and react a lot without considering the position and consequences of our clicks. And that is alarming.


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