How to Set Up an Instagram DM Workflow

Do you wonder how can you manage all of your DMs on Instagram in a better way? Do you wish to use DMs for connecting with customers and followers?


Here are some ways that can be used for setting up DM workflow on Instagram which allows you to manage them successfully and professionally for your business.

Set a Tone for DM Replies on Instagram

A lot of people consider that the impact of brand occurs during the conversation with customers, however, it actually resides in the feeling of people with which they come. This feeling also defines you and your brand. This is the reason that it is vital to discuss with the team regarding setting the objectives for people’s feeling, as they create interactions with your team members.

If you wish of leaving the impressions of professionalism on your customers, you can email them directly for continuing a formal conversation. This will work perfectly for involving other people in conversation. For making a friendly impression of the brand on people, you can answer the questions of your customers with GIFs, colloquialisms, emojis or other playful stuff. Make sure that people who handle the DMs of your brand understand and know about the impression which you want to make on your audience.

Create a DM Workflow

If you have a small team, consisting only some people, you can do a number of things for sharing the Instagram inbox. Like your team, your DM and your business grow, you may need to imply a tight workflow for managing your Instagram inbox. One thing which can be helpful is to make use of the flag system on Instagram.

If you wait for the response of your customers or require help from other team members before you answer, use the flag. It is one of the most famous ways of keeping items to be marked “unread”, however as you share a running account of the client or your own account, it is common for everyone to peek in for seeing what is happening and to forget to mark messages to be unread again. Here comes the use of the flag.

If you can’t answer something in your inbox or more time is needed for the investigation, get the email address of the user so that you can allocate the troubleshooting ticket. Also, let your user know that you will update him/her as soon as possible. The user can easily see if you did read the message or not, hence it is vital to acknowledge that their message has been read and you require some additional time for investigation.

Set a Time for Service Level Agreement (SLA)

You can see an instant gratification in the world of social media. Thanks to people, who still know that it is not possible to sit back on the Instagram whole day for answering questions instantly. It is vital for the businesses to have SLA and then to stick to this thing. It is recommended to not take too long for responding DMs on the buy Instagram likes cheap (not more than 5 to 10 hours). Obviously, the time you take for responding depends on the kind of request.


If users get ready for buying however they need to ask some quick queries first, it is good to respond them right away for capitalizing on the impulse purchases. However, if users are having an issue which didn’t resolve, getting on it in an appropriate time can reduce the risk of having bad reviews, or be called out on social media or in forums publically.

Curate Template Replies

After managing your DMs, you are needed to use proper tools for doing your job effectively. Following are some things which can be done:

Brand Quotes

Use some common quirky quotes in the voice of your brand. You can also use Yikes as something goes as per plan. Instead of choosing GIFs which you use in your inbox, clarify the kinds of GIFs that you don’t need to use. Forgiving a tone of conversations in your messages to Buy Instagram comments, you can use expressive facial sparkles and reactions, but not sticker and GIFs with people falling down and getting themselves hurt.

Brand Emojis

Select around 10 emojis which fit best with your brand. Use them consistently in your posts, captions, DMs, and stories. Consider the feelings created by emojis, the variety of emojis you choose and frequency of usage.

Quick Replies

The feature of Quick Replies on Instagram lets you set up canned replies for FAQs by using Instagram DMs. The main key is to give human-like feeling in your messages, not like copying and pasting the message. People wish of being treated in a personal way, and they can smell the copy/paste responses from miles.


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