How to Prevent Yourself From Getting a Sun Tan This Summer!

When it comes to summers, sun tan is no joke. The extremely sunny weather brings with it the power of sweating, oily faces, body rashes, and the obvious, sunburn!

People often like summers more than winters. The reasons are pretty prominent. You can wear light clothes in summers, stay outside as much as you want, and you can obviously swim in summers!

But believe it or not, sun tan is a nightmare in this weather, and nobody wants to get their skin darker day by day in this sunny weather. Hence, you can follow the list to know how to prevent yourself from getting a tan.

  1. The very obvious one: Sunscreen lotion!

Every time we complain about having a sun tan, the first thing that we are suggested is a sunscreen lotion. Buying a good sunscreen lotion is the basic key to survive summers. Hence, you need to the obvious task, buy a sunscreen that prevents your skin from getting darker this summer.


  1. Wearing a cap all the time:

Another easy way to prevent yourself from getting a sun tan this summer is by wearing a cap all the time when you’re outside. This will prevent rays of the sun from directly hitting your face, and will help you to look around in the heat without squinting at all.

  1. Cover yourself from head to toe:

Although it sounds totally wrong in terms of the weather, but you need to cover yourself from head to toe in order to prevent yourself from any type of sunburns. You can wear full-sleeved shirts with jeans, a cap on your head and sunglasses on your face. Shoes are always on your feet anyway.


  1. Sit only under the shady areas:

In weather so extreme, you might not want to sit anywhere under the sun. Hence, finding a shade and sticking to it for the rest of the day will obviously prevent you from sunburn in all cases.

  1. Stay at home throughout the season:

If the following reasons have still not convinced you enough that they will prevent you from a sun tan then there is one final solution. STAY AT HOME UNTIL THE SUMMER ENDS!

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Hence, the list of all the ways to prevent you from getting a tan has been noted. If you have this clear skin that barely tans and you’re totally proud of it, then that’s amazing for you, but if you have this type of skin which turns from your usual color to three shades darker every time summer arrives, then these tips are meant just for you!


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