How to Choose the Right Guitar for Beginners

Whether buying a guitar for you or someone else, choosing a guitar is really confusing. With a lot of designs, styles and plenty of information available, it becomes difficult to decide which guitar to buy.

Learning a guitar is fun and exciting as it draws the attention of people. You can start with an acoustic guitar and as you learn you can narrow down your options to special features that suit your style of playing the instrument.

However, you need to choose the right guitar especially if you are a beginner. This post shares some tips to pick the right guitar for beginners.


Most people recommend beginning learning with an acoustic guitar. It is easy to use and does not require any accessories for playing. Many trainers recommend acoustic guitar as you first guitar as it produces a great sound. They are suitable for most kinds of music such as folk, rock, pop, county and every other style. However, the steel strings in acoustic guitars can feel hard on your fingers. You can buy an acoustic guitar at a store with musical instruments for sale.

Classical Guitar

classical guitar is also a good option for the beginners as it is easier to hold than other types of guitars. They are usually small in size and comfortable to hold. Moreover, they come with nylon strings which make them easy on your fingers as compared to steel strings. However, the tone of sound will not be as rich as the acoustic guitars.

classical guitar is not good for music events and concerts, but their tone is enough for beginners if they want to play at home in a quiet environment. They have wider necks that makes them easy to play, but not for people with small hands.

Electric Guitars


The electric guitars are much different from the acoustic and classical guitars as they need an amplifier to produce sound. They are suitable for playing any music like classical, rock, pop, etc. The electric guitars have more control of the sound like the tone and volume control. The sound of an electric guitar is louder than the acoustic and classical types as it uses an amplifier.

The electric guitars are mostly used in music events and concerts, but you can use them in quiet environments as well.  There are practice amps that are smaller and produce low volumes. You can use headphones with practice amps to play in quiet environments.

Semi Acoustic

semi-acoustic is a hollow body electric guitar that consists of a sound box and multiple electric pickups. They have a thinner sound hole as compared to an acoustic guitar. Also, the wood used in the making of a semi-acoustic guitar is thinner than acoustic guitars. Semi-electric guitars can produce better tones and electronic effects than an acoustic guitar.

Electro Acoustic

An electro-acoustic guitar is an instrument that you can plug into an amplifier to use more effects and produce a high volume of sound. It looks similar to a steel string guitar, but it has an input jack to connect it to an amplifier. The advantage of this guitar is that it is very easy to plug in an amplifier to amplify the volume.

Bass Guitars


As the name suggests, the bass guitars are the instruments that produce a sound with a low pitch. Usually, all guitars have six strings, but the bass guitars have only four strings that produce intense and low pitch tones. They are heavy but long which makes them easy to hold.

Usually, the instructors don’t recommend bass guitars for beginners as they are good for single note melodies to support other guitarists. You can learn a bass guitar to play the low notes, but not in the beginning stages of learning. Once you achieve some perfection in playing an acoustic or classical guitar, you can learn a bass guitar.


After choosing the type of guitar, you need to choose between different sizes, styles, and brands. As a beginner, you don’t need to buy an expensive high-end guitar. You can pick a budget-friendly guitar keeping in mind two important things – tuning and high/low action.

The cheap guitars are difficult to tune and also tough to play them with a consistent tune. The high/low action means the distance between the strings and fretboard. It is best to choose a low action guitar for the beginners as they put less stress on your fingertips.

Final Words

These are the options that you can consider while choosing a guitar for learning. Acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars are the best to buy for beginners as they are easy to learn and budget friendly. If you want a more rich tone and high volume you can choose an electro-acoustic guitar. Moreover, you also consider the shape, size and sting material while buying a guitar.


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