How Can I Start Investing with Small Amounts of Money

Investing money isn’t started with riches in your hands already. Rather, you’ll cherish a ‘piece of cake’ amount that addresses to your next-generation brilliant ‘Idea’ you’ll be making money from. There are a lot of small beneficial brain bulbs getting on/offs now and then, with plans & schemes you look forward too.

Nothing’s start with you entering a bank and looking for an expert to guide you. You’re always on the fiscal figuring phase all by yourselves. Suddenly, out of those chain-by-chain spontaneous ‘accepted wisdom’, you find the right money-making deal that fits you with the best approaches you can go with.

Out of all the blogs and intolerances of making legal subsidy choices in a world of cash cruelty. Everyone’s looking to sell out men’s trench coat to people without saying sorry amid trying to capitalize on others hard-earned investment. We have pulled out some of the best funding benefits you can enjoy with your investments as low as $100 to a mid-range $500. Let’s get started:

  • Try the Cookie Jar Technique


One of the easiest and friendly ways to collect a little money for the first biggest investment you’re eagerly looking forward too. You have slightest chances that you will lose anything during this self-driven money monopoly. You can even save money for yourself to buy those fancy “piggy banks”, and try using those kitchenette left-out cookie jars (jam & jelly jars for kids learning how to save pennies from a buck).

You will find this an interesting method to make it as a starter for your investing schemes and plans. What really makes this process for profit really demanding on a personal level? It’s simply because it opens several doors for identifying different commodities you can gain surpluses amounts with. Hence. Leading your way to understanding how that level 1 finance system works out there in the market.

This cookie jar money-saving technique has several examples out there from which you can learn fruitful lessons. The internet is filled with them and you can benefit from them. If you’re a straight guy looking to save money for a good investment in the future. This penny-keeping plan is just for you for tomorrow’s promise.

  • Stay Connected with Real State Agencies – Striking Second-hand Deals


Looking for fiscal shortcuts in the most legal way and shortest of times? If so, then you’ll be needing some of your personality shortcuts to groom up a bit for socializing with people going with a move-forward life phase. All you will be needing is a bit of education in your background, especially if you’ve studied a bit of commerce in your high school, or having an honors degree in Finance, Sociology (Public Relations preferred). You will have the best homely gestures while wearing the exclusive Dean Winchester jacket, and showing roof-finding couples & families with confidence and welcoming smiles.

Moreover, with the advent of the internet, you can try going through various YouTube videos having knowledge about how those real estate agents work. Additionally, you can check out the OG of real estate websites Zillow founded by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink, former Microsoft executives and founders of Microsoft spin-off corporation Expedia. You can also try out looking at Trulia,, HomeFinder,, ZipRealty, etc.

However, there are some basics you need to “co-op comply” yourselves with when you’re trying to attract clients to seal the deals with you. It feels really satisfying when you’re the one behind someone’s getting the perfect house for their loved ones.

  • Find that Real Estate Agency/Guy with the most “house bond paper” listings.
  • Get going with family friends and your friends’ families for referrals.
  • Try to stay connected with a home relocation specialist.
  • Have a good friendly bonding with the community’s most beloved person.
  • Start yourself as a home tour taking the guide to families looking forward to buying/rent a house.
  • Always as forbids people are putting in for bigger houses at auctions to brag a little (but with asserted knowledge).
  • Carry on with a good Real Estate portfolio including your best house location referrals, struck deals, happy clients, etc.

Gestures would do wonders:

  • Meet with your clients weekly, and stack your meetings at the same restaurant/hotel your client feel relaxed.
  • Partner up with a divorce attorney, a personal banker, a financial planner, home movers, etc., to get more housing estate referrals.
  • A heartwarming get-together party 30 days after your buyers close the deal on their home. Provide catering, after-meal coffee and invite the neighbors for a little conversation.
  • Try developing a distinctive home-buying niche buyer might feel interested in.
  • Hire a website developer and start doing some good blog writing. Hire a few web designers, photographers, niche experts to run a mill right inside your homes. This provides your working genuineness, giving clients the satisfaction that you’re a real estate real-person but not a racket in the bracket.
  • Put Your Money in Low-Investment Mutual Funds


The “few people” mutual funds are those investment sanctuaries, which allow you to invest your valuable cash in a portfolio of stocks and bonds with just a single transaction, making them appealing for new investors.

The main problem with mutual fund corporations is that they require a minimum investment in between $500 and $5,000. Henceforth, if you’re a new investor with small cash in your hands to invest, those profitable iotas can be out of reach. Nonetheless, some other mutual fund companies will waive the account minimums if you’re in consent with the programmed monthly investments of between $50 and $100.

Know that automatic investing is a standard feature with mutual funding and for the ETF IRA accounts. The best part about it is that they’re uncommon with dutiable accounts, however, it’s always worth asking for its availability. Mutual fund companies that have been known to do this include ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund, Dreyfus, L&T Tax Advantage Fund, Transamerica, and T. Rowe Price.

With mutual funds’ investments you’ll benefit with:

  • You can initiate with these investments via payroll savings.
  • You can ask your partners for aids and assistance by taking them into confidence.
  • Mutual funding works on an individuals’ background and credit scoring.
  • You can try starting with an automated deposit situation through your payroll instead of an employer-sponsored retirement plan.
  • Start Writing that makes you Happy


Here’s one of the easiest ways that don’t even let you spend a penny (not literally). With just a little amount in your hands, you can pin down a little passion with those “unheard illustrations” in your mind. Storytelling has now become a 24/7 occupation for writers and with passing days, there’s always a fresh writer out there on a desk ready to sign his debut novel for enthusiast book buyers queued up in a line.

In order to become a writer, you might need to sign up to a few places to start up with blogging. There are a lot of sites that will offer you to write for them. Of course, you’ll be required to write everything for free (without getting any compensation). Try Blogger, Medium, Squarespace, WordPress, and more that fits your type-interpreting taste.

You can also try going for a full-time publisher via Amazon self-publishing. There are a lot of authors to inspire you out there. Why not try to start your very first novel and try your luck just how JK Rowling did it *no pun intended.* You will find some new great authors out there as well who have sold out their “bestsellers” to the general public, whom, now enjoy benefits from corporations impressed by their word-work wonders. For me, this creative investment is incomparable to any small amount of money as well.

  • Let a Robo-advisor invest Money for You (stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc.)


Make your professional works and portfolio management easier than ever. With the latest innovation of modern financial profits, investments and marketing recruits – Robo-advisors are the investment bots you need for your businesses.

This online android software adroitly manages and invest your money treasures on the internet. This is a momentously a money-spinning solution for newbies not much into accounts, banking, and finance.

These Robo-advisors were generated to make your investing plans as simple schemes and suitably manageable for everyone. Note, no prior investment experience is required and its set-up is easy. Let the process ‘spontaneously progress with their automated AI, tracking your investments in the meantime, and pay lesser charges in the process.

Looking for the Best Robo-advisor for Investing Your Money?

Wealthfront is incontestably one of the greatest Robo-advisors out there in the market. There’s a high chance that new investors will be referred towards this automation service by almost every expert in the finance field.

You can also try M1 Finance if you’re a little short for a $500 funding. It charges no start-up or commission fees and is absolutely budget-friendly. You can select from their devised portfolios or try customizing your very own by purchasing stocks or ETFs through their platform. The user interface is very clear and easy to understand, making your money negotiations easier than ever before.

Some other best Robo-advisors include:

  • Wealthsimple (For the ETF investors).
  • Ally invest in easy application processing.
  • FutureAdvisor for free investing resources.
  • Acorns. *especially for the beginners*


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