Heartbroken tweets that came out after Mo Salah injury in UCL Final

On Saturday, the world saw Real Madrid beating Liverpool in a third successive champians league title. This match was all about surprises and excitement. Right when the match ended, Gareth Bale, the hero with the two goals hinted a summer move away which was something a bit too much for his fans to take. And then the star player of the world, Cristiano Ronaldo also hinted on leaving his current team, Real Madrid this summer.
But the thing which shook the football fans all across the world is Mo Salah’s injury which was the result of Sergio Ramos’ ‘unwanted’ skill that he decided to show in the midst of a nail biting match. He judo threw Salah so bad that the 25 yo had to sling off the final due to his injury.

After the fall of the brilliant player, the twitteratis couldn’t hold back and started with a parade of tweets about the incident rightfully thrashing the Real Madrid Captain to show support to Mo Salah.

Guilty Ramos

#Salah Tactic

The day Sergio Ramos clearly lost a number of fans

Some called it the dirtiest moment in the football history!

That evil smile

The commentator guessed it on the spot

While there was this guy who thinks the other way around

And this guy also thinks likewise

It’s not #Ramos ‘s fault. #Salah caused them to fall #UCLfinal #UCLFinal2018 #Karius #Liverpool #RealMadrid #Ramos_The_Animal #RamosTheAnimal

— Mahyurr (@mahyurr) May 27, 2018

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