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Glamping – The Type of Vacation That’s Good For Your Well-Being

Having technology in almost every aspect of our lives has its benefits in the right place and time. However, it’s a disadvantage particularly when it comes to affecting our health and well-being. The overuse of phones and computers, among everything else, is completely changing the way of the world. Of course, it brings convenience, but it lacks connection and ‘real life’ experience.

One of the ways to combat the constant need for technology in our hand is travel. Many studies recommend travel to reduce stress and to help your overall happiness. To dig even deeper into that ‘travel for mental health’ theory, sometimes it is best to take a step back, take a deep breath and disconnect. Enjoy an adventure, be in the moment, and let go of the need for always feeling connected.

That is why we recommend glamping.  What Is Glamping you ask? Glamping is a type of vacation where you can focus on well-being through adventure and freedom, and unplug from the day to day stresses. While glamping has different meanings to different people, it is truly experience based travel. Glamping also doesn’t only refer to safari tents, it includes tipis, shipping containers that have been transformed into a unique place to stay, covered wagons, tree houses, tiny homes, etc. A glamping site may have 5-star amenities or it may feel a little more like camping but when you are glamping, but you will undoubtedly have incredible access to the outdoors and nature.

Being continuously connected can be a source of unintended tension, especially while traveling or vacationing. As you’re sitting in a piazza sipping coffee, or listening to waves crashing on the beach with a loved one, you do not want an email to ruin the setting and your mood.

Taking a vacation somewhere to reconnect with nature is the best remedy when you need a break from the day to day hustle and bustle. Having less stress is known as one of the top benefits of being in nature. Getting outdoors, or even viewing scenes of nature can increase your mood and decrease the production of stress hormones. As much as we love exploring urban areas and big cities, sometimes, we just need to escape and relax, and what better way than to go glamping.

While some Glamping sites may still have access to wifi or phone service, most are in locations that allow you to be away from technology and immerse yourself in the unique, outdoor travel experience. Your glamping location could be in the mountains, deep in the woods, or on a private island in a country you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Individuals feel comfortable in different settings, so it is up to you to pick the glamping style accommodation and location that will help you feel the most relaxed.

No matter where you’re headed, check out Glamping Hub. They have a wide variety of unique glamping accommodations for your next vacation. While you stay immersed in nature, you are disconnecting, and focusing on your well-being and relaxation is the top priority.


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