Female Celebrities Condemning The Bahria College Harassment Incident

With #metoo campaign spreading like wildfire, females have started sharing their incidents of harassment. Whether it was a family member or some random molester who tried harassing them, this campaign has given voice to many victims. But this time, female students have shared something which has caught everyone’s attention. Everyone including the female celebrities is so disgusted that they couldn’t stop themselves from raising their voice about this particular incident. An invigilator named Saadat Bahir was accused of harassing more than 80 female students appearing in their intermediate exams at Bahria College, Islamabad, on Tuesday.

Saadat, who is a biology professor at Islamabad Model College for Boys, Sector H-9, went to the Bahria College Islamabad to invigilate the exam ongoing for three days. The Female students of Bahria College have accused him of inappropriate touching and passing indecent remarks at them during their Biology practical exam.

One of the victims posted on Facebook how Saadat has groped her twice during the exam. She further claimed that Saadat has groped 80 other females similarly. Since then, 18 more students have come forward with testimonies, accusing Bashir of passing sleazy comments and inappropriate touch.

While social media came forward in support of these students, celebrities like Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane and Meesha Shafi also came out in support of the victims.

Meanwhile, the college has lodged an official complaint to the board alleging harassment and misconduct on the part of the invigilator, whereas Saadat Bashir denied the allegations. According to him, he had been mentally tortured and even threatened since the issue had gone viral. He says he might have bumped into someone during the practical but that does not mean it was deliberate or he wanted to harass any of the students.

Well, it hard to believe one person and ignore rest of the 80 students, Mr. Saadat. We wish no one goes through what these 80 students had to.


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