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Fakhr Hamian tm par Fakhar he”, Fakhr –e-Alam one of the great Pakistani singer, actor, and songwriter has announced about his embarking flying journey around the globe just in 28 days. He stated this big news on Sunday and showed his immense pleasure while writing on Twitter about his “Mission Parwaz”. Behind this mission, there is a 3 years struggle and effort which will help Fakhr-e-Alam to become the first Pakistani pilot to travel across the world.

Alam will be flying a single-engine airplane on 6 October and hoping to complete 26,000 nautical miles in 28 days. He will start his journey by taking off from the USA, Clear Water in Florida. This journey will take Alam to 32 countries. Alam has to start and end his flying journey from the same airport, however, he is only allowed to use one plane in order to set the world record.

Fakhr-e-Alam, the former Chairman Sindh Censor Board took to Twitter and wrote:


How Fakhr-E-Alam Started His Journey?

To become a pilot is Fakhr’s passion and childhood dream. The veteran singer-songwriter got his private pilot licenses from Florida in 2015. Since then he is working hard to become first Muslim and Pakistani to travel across the globe within 100 hours as a solo pilot.

He explained his motive behind this journey is that no one in Pakistan has its name in the general flying history. However, through his Parwaz Mission, Fakhr wants to give tribute to the brave soldiers and Pakistani nation.

Celebrities also wished Fakhr-e-Alam for his brave attempt. Have a look!


A Goodbye Party!


Hahaha, Good Shot!


On June 2014, the duo of father and son, Babar Suleman and Haris Suleman also endeavored to fly around the world for fundraising of a school building. Sadly their plane got crashed on 23 July 2014. However, so far around Two hundred people have ventured similar flights across the world.

Well, we wish Fakhr-e-Alam a very Good Luck for his attempt of portraying a positive and brave image of Pakistan nation. Have a Safe Flight Fakhr!


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