Education is Now a Business in Pakistan and it is Big Trouble

In every country, their very priority is education, because education is the main basic element of any country. But In our country education has no sort of importance the way our education system is now working. There is no proper hierarchy, like the way our country is divided into different castes in the same way education also turned into as well.

Parents are admitting their children in O levels or Aga Khan board or say Federal board, only middle-class families are now going towards Sindh board. This education division makes complexity in students because if we see high caliber universities like IBA, SZABST, HABIB, etc, their first concern would be A Level and Federal Board students then where intermediate students should go?

A/O levels, Federal Board fee are so at the peak that a middle-class student isn’t able to afford it. But now even intermediate boards are also raising their fee after every year illegally. After seeing all these impossible stuff, parents put their children in government schools, where the fees are low but the standard of education is ZERO.

Then to cover it up, students approach coaching centers, another source of generating income. We have to create a proper standard of education, need to look after fee structure as well. There are hundreds of schools in Karachi which are offering way expensive education, 50k or 30k for a student, imagine that type of fee is being charged then people say illiteracy is rising in Pakistan.

Apart from tuition fee, other expenses books, stationery, trips fee, if we sum up all the expenses it goes to 80k for sure.


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