Ed Sheeran bodyguard has the coolest Instagram account

Back in 2015, when Ed Sheeran met his new bodyguard, he did not have the slightest idea that this man is going to prove himself not just an amazing security guard but a cool and crazy friend as well.

Kevin Myers, who likes to call himself Kev has the coolest Instagram ever. This guy has recently won millions of heart over his cool and humorous captions under the pictures he posts on Instagram. With over 800K followers, he has become a star himself.

His witty captions and rare behind the scene pictures with the star has racked him the immense pool of fans and followers he is loved by.

Following are some of the funniest posts made by him on Instagram.

Getting special treatment from the boss




When he realized he has become a star


Their love is the sweetest love

Such wit. Much wow.


Elections are near make him the president please!


They are each other MCM for life


Our conclusion:

Kevin is lit!!


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