8 Lazy Things We All Can Totally Relate To !

Whether we’re always this lazy or not, we’re all embarrassed of doing something out of our laziness that we’re totally guilty about.

The list may be long, but we’re listing down the 8 lazy things we can easily relate to. Without further ado, let’s start with the list!

  1. Going to sleep instead of getting up to pee!

This is not something we all have done once or twice in our life; it is something that we all do OFTEN at times. (Atleast I do)

Every time we need to pee when we’re really tired, we often just curl up to fall asleep so that we can pee the next day!


  1. Having Maggie when we’re not willing to cook:

If we’re left home alone, and we’re too lazy to get up and cook a meal for ourselves, then Maggie becomes the ultimate savior! These 2 min noodles are not only easy to cook, but fun to eat too!

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  1. Watching the same channel instead of finding the remote:

We’ve all done this at least a FEW times in our lives. Not only do we watch the same channel out of laziness and boredom, we actually prepare our minds to find some interest in it too.


  1. Totally half-shaving our legs:

This one is for all the ladies who are in an emergency to go out, and have not shaved their legs. Believe me, the picture below tells the story.

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  1. Stuffing clothes > folding clothes:

In utter laziness, who likes doing some work, to be specific, fold clothes? Hence, we proudly make a ball of our clothes and stuff them all inside our closet without any guilt.

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  1. Setting too many alarms in one go:

Are you sure you can wake up with only one alarm? Because we’re all guilty of putting one too many alarms just to wake up for work.

good-morning-clock-ag1 at | Good morning monday gif, Cute  good morning images, Good morning coffee


  1. Bed AKA bae:

If you’re a totally lazy person, there is no doubt that you barely get out of bed. Also, if you do get up once in a while, your family might look at you like you’ve made a special appearance.


  1. Flunking on a hangout just because you’re too lazy to dress:

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We all flunk on a hangout just because we’re a bit too lazy to get up and get dressed for that once in a while.



Well, you may try to make up your mind that you don’t do any of these, but come on; you’re as guilty as I am. Hence, this is a shout out to all the lazy people we know around!


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