7 most oddly satisfying things on the planet

Finding satisfaction and joy in little things in life has become a thing very scarce. People specifically us millennial have become too demotivated to find happiness in our lives. But one thing that we all are sure about is that some gifs on the internet have such power in them that they can have you looking at them for the whole day because of their oddly satisfying nature.

Here’s our rundown on few of the most drool worthy things that are weirdly satisfying to the eyes and soul.

Watching slime unfolding fantasy

Soufflé Slimes #1- Satisfying Slimes (@fantasy.slimes) - YouTube


Kinetic Sand… this is erotic..

Pin on Kinetic Sand


Fine ink loop writing is so orgasmic.. smh

Shere Hite Explained How Women Orgasm, and Was Hated for It - The New York Times


Scooping from a plain surface

Types of Surface Mining | American Mine Services

Getting the mask off.. Or UHU/ Samad bond off the fingers 


Bubble wrap for president please!!

Company Makes New Bubble Wrap Without the Pop - Small Business Trends


Foam block ASMR videos.. (Brb, drooling)

Full Blocks of Dry & Soaked Floral Foam Crushing ASMR! (no talking) Wet vs Dry Foam Oddly Satisfying - YouTube


I am still drooling. Seriously guys. Catch you all soon again with an equally satisfying blog.


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