7 Moments that Explain Your Love for Chai

There are three types of people in the world. The ones who adore chai more than any other drink in the world, and the ones who know nothing how chai even tastes like, and the ones who use it only to dip biscuits in them.

All these people have different lives, and different personalities. Yet, we cannot help but judge one another.

Hence, following 7 moments can be rightfully understood by chai lovers:

1. Your everyday starter pack would include chai in the morning.


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2. Going somewhere without having tea in the morning = frustration.



3. Chai helps you with headaches, stomachaches, and even heartbreaks.



4. You become unsure of your friendship if your bestie hates chai.



5. You plan to find yourself a spouse who’s equally crazy about chai.



6. You want your chai to have the perfect amount of milk and sugar.



You don’t drink chai, you feel chai:


if you’re a legit chai lover, then can you connect to all of these?


What do you think?

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