5 Reasons to Visit Zero Point food Truck Park in Karachi

Parks are always the best place to visit to relax from the worries of life. Parks offer the best environment where kids can play around, and elders can sit, relax or just watch the children’s enjoyment. We can spend quality time with friends and family there and sometimes can have our best ideas or make future plans sitting in lush green and healthy environment of a garden.

As lives are becoming busier day by day and people don’t take out time to visit recreational parks, but in Karachi, a very good initiated for kid’s park or play area have done by the famous chef Arif Dawood at a highway near Jinnah Avenue, naming Zero point food truck Park.

Basically, Zero Point is a first-of-its-kind themed food truck concept offering a selection of fresh and tasty street food in a fun, chilled and convenient atmosphere. Each location has its own unique theme and entertainment for all ages to explore and discover.

It’s up to you whether to stop for a quick bite or come for the day. All ask is that you bring an appetite for great food. Not only food there are, a small zoo, sitting areas, walking track, kid’s play area and more importantly this park is perfect for your Instagram stories and pictures.

This is a positive step for Karachiites as it serves all purposes dine out and enjoy walking in a park at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should go there:

  • More food choices especially for kids

In zero point food truck park, they offer a lot of food kids will love. Also, let’s be honest, kids can be as choosy as adults. At zero point there are several stalls the kids would love starting with pizza or french fries, colorful drinks and dessert are also a hit.

  • The fun and unique theme

Highway truck theme is not only for dads or adults in general because it’s also for kids. The food park’s design elements are very detailed from the Start and Finish Line banners to the street signs. Kids will enjoy exploring every corner.

  • The space in between

Zero point food park is neither big nor small, it’s just right. It’s also worth mentioning that they utilized their space fairly well. The food stalls are on the side and in the middle leaving a perfect space in between for people to pass.

  • Instagram worthy spots

Each corner offers an Instagram-worthy spot perfect for picture taking. Moms would really enjoy taking photos of their kids on those areas. Besides that, the stoplights are great elements for great family photos.

  • Parking and Safety

Again another reason, not all food parks offer ample parking space. Good thing, zero point has a designated area and a security guard. This means that bringing the kids will be easy.

Be ready, people of Karachi to have lots of fun in this unique theme park.


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