Anday Wala Burger Vs Mcdonalds What Does Karachi City Love More

There’s no denying the fact that Karachi is home to world’s best cuisines. From Nihari to Biryani, from gol gappay to aloo Chat, from desi to continental, you name it, every single food is scrumptious. That brings us to anday wala burger. It’s one of the specialties of Karachi if you are not too cool for local food, you’d be a fan as well.

When it comes to Anday Wala Burger, people stop you from eating that calling it unhygienic. So, let’s compare both desi burger and McDonald’s and figure out which one is the best for you!


  1. Street Food Vs Fast Food:

Anday Wala Burger is a street food which gives you those desi vibes like Apnayat aai hai. It’s the recipe with onions, eggs, chilies, a kebab, and burger patties but whenever you eat it you devour it. Whereas Mcdonalds is a high-class Fast food gives you them elite vibes but you don’t feel like eating it all the time. Bros meet the world proved this point by eating Anday Wala Burgers a whole day and yet enjoyed it.

  1. Budget-friendly

Mcdonalds’ burger cost you 300Rs for simple burger patties, onions, and a beef kebab. While Anday wala burger cost you minimum Rs. 50 to Rs. 80 proving it to be cost friendly. While many of us might complain Mcdonalds is expensive owing to its hygienic making and environment.

  1. Taste

While every Karachi street food or some other city food tastes yummy, Anday Wala Burger has a slight uniqueness to it. Taste might vary to different stalls around the city, but one thing is for sure they all will please your taste buds.

  1. Hygiene

Okay yeah, you can give that to Mcdonalds that they are hygienic as compared to Anday Wala Burger. As their kitchen and whole places are environment-friendly securing you from illness and health prone diseases but then again it won’t give you the satisfaction that a normal Anday wala burger can.

  1. It’s all over the city.

Bros meet the world’s video Vol.1 and 2 of Anday Wala Burger focused on many places where you can easily buy and devour a burger, a stall on every street. Mcdonald’s outlets not that branched out, just one in every area.

  1. Thori chutney aur daal do feels better than ‘extra ketchup please’!

Eating an Anday wala Burger you are sure to eat it desi style and more freely like asking for chutney is much better to a stall person then calling a waitress and asking them the modern way which also feels awkward to some people.

  1. Variety in Burgers:

Mcdonalds has a menu including different types of burger or so they seem to acknowledge them. Whereas Anday Wala burger has also variety but in cost and taste.

Who is the winner?

Whatever you think, I would still go for Anday wala burger until or unless I am not a lunch date. What do you like more?


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