11 Things Only Introverts Would Understand


When it comes to admitting whether you’re an introvert or not, half of us would probably not accept themselves as being one, and the rest has possibly accepted that they actually are introverts.

Hence, we’ve made a list of some things that only introverts would understand, that makes it obvious that the extroverts won’t, duh!

1. Being an introvert, you try to avoid as many plans with your family or friends as you can.


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2. There is this social energy inside you. Once that energy starts to go down, you become quiet, or probably just try to hibernate then and there.

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3. Your alone time for you is never ever boring.

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4. You may want to go out sometime. But you’d like to stay quiet throughout it.


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5. You often hesitate to talk to new people around you.



6. It takes time for you to get comfortable in a place. And once you do, you make it feel like home.



7. You can never express your emotions like an extrovert.



8. You always have people around you who ask ‘Are you okay?’ whenever you’re quiet.


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9. While trying to fit in as an introvert, you always end up getting overshadowed by the rest.


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10. If you admit that you’re an introvert in a group, they’d always go on saying ‘Oh, she’s an introvert’ every time somebody asks you why you’re not talking.



11. Being a legit introvert, you practically hate encounters!


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If you’re an introvert and think there is more that you deal with every day, then feel free to tell us!


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