11 Student Moments that we all can Totally Relate to

It is 100 percent true when people say student life is the best part of the life. It indeed is. There are so many things that unanimously participate in giving you the best time of your life and each moment is equally joyous. Even those in which you are practically screwed up  participate in making memories that can later be cherished and talked about.

Awkward or good, following are some moments which every student can relate to. Specifically those in universities.

When you top an exam

When you see your ‘Best friend’ from ‘previous semester’!

When you see a hot teacher passes by!

When your enemy gives a good presentation!

And when your best friend gives a good presentation!

Moments before the Exam

When you realize there are thin chances of passing the semester.

You and your friends when the exams are over!

When your friend fails!

When YOU fail..

Once you pass, even with just borderline marks, you enter the new semester like

Tag your friends because we know you all can relate!


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