10 Poems by Rupi Kaur that will make You Fall in Love with Her

Rupi Kaur, a Canadian writer with her roots from India, famously known as the author of Milk and Honey and The Suns and Her Flowers, has written some beautiful, heart shattering, and some empowering quotes in her books that we cannot help but adore.

Her books comprising of prose and poetry are not only deep, but consist of everything you actually feel.

With that said, following are some of the remarkable quotes written by Rupi Kaur that will definitely make crave for more:

1. Believe in the power inside you:


2. You are home within yourself:


3. Toxicity is addicting, I believe:


4. You are alive:


5. I was made to speak out:



6. Did the heartbreaks not make you strong?



7. Some relationships are meant to be walked away from:


8. You were created for a reason. Never forget that.


9. Dedicated to all fathers out there. It’s not too late to make a change.

10. You’re simply more than pretty.


These are some of the best Rupi Kaur poems that we love. If you have more in your collection, then feel free to comment!


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