Some Common Myths About Physical Therapy

Some Common Myths about Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the science that helps people to reduce pain, restore mobility and activeness in their body. A physiotherapist can help you relieve pain, heal injuries and improve mobility in your body. Sometimes your physician recommends doing some exercises that need to be done with the help of a physical therapist.

Many people know about the benefits of physiotherapy, but some common myths keep people from seeking a physical therapist. Let us check some common myths about physiotherapy.

Referral is Essential for Physiotherapy

Referral is essential for physiotherapy

Most people think that a referral from a doctor is necessary for physiotherapy. However, you don’t need a referral or prescription of a physical to see s physiotherapist. Anytime you need help for physical problems like back pain, sports injuries, leg cramps or stiffness in muscles; you can visit a physiotherapist without a referral. However, some countries have restrictions on the treatments and therapies a physiotherapist can offer.

Anyone Can Offer Physical Therapy

Many people believe that anyone with a little experience can perform physical therapy. Only a few people know that physical therapists are offered a license before they can provide treatment to any person. Only licensed physiotherapists are allowed to provide therapy to patients. They are qualified and have undergone the required training to obtain a license. Therefore, it is essential to visit a trained and licensed therapist for treatment of any physical condition.

Physical Therapy is not Insured

Most of the insurance policies cover some forms of physical therapies. In addition to the insurance coverage, physical therapy also saves the cost of unnecessary diagnosis, surgeries, and treatments. Physiotherapists treat the physical problems through an exercise that involve the movement of the affected body part without the need of excess medicines.

Treats Only Muscle Pain

Treats Only Muscle Pain

It’s a common myth among people that physiotherapy can only treat muscle pain, but the truth is that it can treat almost all physical conditions. Physiotherapists are trained to address the conditions like chronic pain, sports injuries, back pain, migraines, paralysis, vestibular rehabilitation and much more.

Physiotherapy is Painful

Physiotherapists are there to reduce your pain and suffering. However, many people think that physical therapies are painful and their thoughts keep them from visiting a physiotherapist. Physical therapists work within your level of tolerance of pain to heal you and restore mobility in the affected body part. You can visit a physical therapist anytime you need without worrying about the pain.

Physical Therapy is for Injuries and Accidents

Physical therapists do a lot more than merely treating sports injuries and weak muscles. They can address chronic back pain, headaches, frozen shoulders, and many potential issues before they become severe. Treating the problems, in the beginning, prevents them from becoming painful and save a lot of money required for their treatment. In some conditions, it can also prevent surgery and treat the issue with exercises and medications.

Medical Treatment is Better

Many people don’t undergo physical therapies as they believe that it does not work for the treatment of chronic conditions. However, the truth is that physiotherapy can treat almost all physical problems. Some problems can be addressed by the physiotherapy alone, but some severe conditions require medical treatment, and physical therapy helps speeds up the recovery and healing.

I Can Perform Physical Therapy Myself

Some people read a few articles and watch a few videos on physiotherapy and start practicing it for themselves. However, they fail to achieve the results that a professional therapist can produce. The licensed therapists are qualified and trained to treat any physical condition. Some physical therapists work with medical practitioners to provide fast and better results for patients.

Practicing physical therapy yourself without skills and training will never offer you the proper results. Moreover, physical conditions may become more severe and required medical treatment. Therefore, it is essential to take the therapy from a professional therapist and avoid practicing yourself.

It Takes a Long Time to Heal

It Takes a Long Time to Heal

People think that physiotherapy takes longer than medical treatment for the healing of diseases. However, the physical therapy focuses on complete treatment of problems, by eliminating the root cause, not just the symptoms. The entire procedure may take longer, but the results of physiotherapy can be seen from the first few sessions. Patients can feel the relief from pain and suffering in the initial sessions, but they need to continue the therapy for complete relief and elimination of the root cause of the condition.

Physiotherapy is Expensive

The middle-class people don’t visit a physiotherapist as they think that it would be costly. However, the physiotherapists don’t charge you as much as a physician does. In Australia, a physiotherapist can treat a condition at very reasonable rates.

Moreover, if you visit an insured physiotherapist Gold Coast you can get around 80 percent refund of the cost of treatment. It is best to consult the physiotherapist services covered by insurance, and you will never say that physiotherapy is expensive.

Final Words

These were some common myths about physiotherapy. As people don’t know much about this and more inclined towards medical treatment, they believe in such myths. However, now the physical therapists are qualified and trained to treat almost any physical condition.

Moreover, modern medical equipment helps them diagnose problems with accuracy and treat them at the right time before they become severe. Physiotherapists can help people treat pain and restore mobility to live a more free and fulfilled life.

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