Sidratul Muntaha – The Worldwide Topper of Pakistan


“I strongly believe our talented youth can do wonders once they get a proper platform and encouragement from parents”

These words are of none other than a normal girl of a small tehsil who not only worked hard, but also made an entire nation proud of her. Hence her name is Sidra Khan.

Sidratul Muntaha, a girl commonly known as Sidra Khan in her district made a hat-trick and scored 100% marks in an online examination, getting declared without any doubt a ‘Topper’ by a UK-based university.

This girl not only scored the highest marks in Pakistan, but nobody beat her all around the globe either. Hence, she has titled as a ‘Worldwide Topper’.

Sidra Khan, belonging to the Swabi district in Topi tehsil was preparing for the ACCA exam at the Professionals’ Academy of Commerce (PAC), located in Peshawar, where she worked hard enough to win the race, and succeeded with flying colors. Her teachers were not only overjoyed but also proud of her as she named the first position in MA-1, ACCA’s Foundation Diploma paper to herself.

The PAC said that one of their Approved Learning Partners recognized Sidra and confirmed the news about her.

In an interview, Sidra said that she could not believe that she could achieve the position she always wished for. Also, she did not expect herself to compete against thousands of students from 180 different countries including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. She confirmed that she worked really hard for her exam and the success feels great, it feels even better when she thinks about herself as a World Topper.

She believes that the students who consider themselves completely ordinary should stop underestimating themselves because hard work always leads to success one way or the other. Hence, a student should never give up even if studying becomes a struggle because education undoubtedly opens doors for every person.

She also said that doing ACCA was not everyone’s cup of tea as it requires monumental hard work and a genius mind.

According to Mr. Owais Bilal, the Principal of PAC, Sidra Khan would get every sort of support by the Institute’s administration until the end of her career, which is surely a source of encouragement for her and for the other students inspired by her.

During the interview, she added that achieving the top position and being a world topper was important. However, attaining laurels for Pakistan worked as an icing on the cake that also that also played a major part in making herself and her parents proud.

She further urged all the young boys and girls of Pakistan to avail such programmes without any hesitation as it only requires hard work, dedication and self confidence.

Sidra Muntaha ended by saying that she believes that such achievements will inspire the youth in Pakistan to strive hard and make their lives purposeful.  On the other hand, she would like to see the young generation getting support by their families, as well as by the national authorities.

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