Shoaib Malik Dedicates a New Look to Sania Mirza and we Couldnt Take our Eyes off of Them!

Shoaib Malik dedicates a new look to Sania Mirza and we couldn't take our eyes off of them!

It’s been 8 years since everyone’s favorite indo-pak couple got hitched yet it never lost the charm of being the golden couple. Yes! we are talking about Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza, the evergreen couple who won millions of hearts across both borders with their funny yet mesmerizing chemistry.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza

The couple seems to hit headlines on and off with their healthy PDA and Pakistanis are totally obsessed with it.

One such post hit the screens when the couple announced their soon-to-be-parents status through a cute Instagram post that had everyone saying AWW!


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#MirzaMalik ❤️ 👶🏼

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Owing to which the couple made headlines again a few days back when Bhaabi-e-Qoum took to Instagram to express how her husband is being missed with an added note Come back soon and maybe without the stubble.

To Which Shoaib Malik Responded Like How Every Desi Good Husband Does!

Hmm, Bhaabi jee’s suggestion proved out to be right. Maybe all husbands should take notes from Shoaib Bhai. He looked so young and ready for Asia Cup.

He won many hearts. Some couldn’t resist their awe. Hence, commented:

He won many hearts

New Look had Everyone’s Heart Fluttering:

New look had everyone’s heart fluttering

While Others Swooned Over his Boyish Look:

While others swooned over his boyish look

Replying to Husband’s heart melting post, Bhaabi jee reposted his post with a caption “Awww. Well ‘we’ can’t wait for you to come back home ❤️ This has surely turned the clock back for your hubby. “

And we cannot agree more with the latter part!

People Couldn’t Control Their Happiness and Wished Them Both Blessings!

People couldn’t control their happiness and wished them both blessings

And This!

And this

We Couldn’t Agree More!

We couldn’t agree more

Soon it Revived The Trend of #breakthebeard Trend as First Done by Indian Cricketers

However, Other Cricketers Started Followed Suit After Shoaib Malik:

And more!


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Shadab Khan #breakthebeard #Cricket #Pakistan

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Certainly, This One We Never Have Predicted


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Full of Talent and full of Style! Lasith Malinga is a true legend. #BreakTheBeard like Lasith Malinga. 😎

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Coming back to our power couple, their marriage started off with controversies and soon eloped them into darkness but they never let it struck cords in between their relationship. however, Sania Mirza do tend to not post or discuss her personal life relating her husband, citing reasons owing to Bad-Nazar(which we completely agree with), she received hatred and queries regarding it but it seemed that she has somehow got more open towards her believes and hence the posts.

Nonetheless, here’s to hoping our Indo-Pak controversies won’t bring them down. Also, we cannot wait for their little munchkin to arrive.

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