Self Help: Things You Need to Hear!

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Self Help, Why?

Apart from all the day-to-day mandatory hurdles of daily life, including heat strokes, tough fasting hours, and exams, obviously. There are times when even the toughest soldiers refuse to fight back or let’s just say they become too tired of it all. How exhausting and impossible the journey of putting yourself and your motivations look to you, there is always a room for it, no matter what.

Lecture and useless quotes are the last but not the least thing you would want to hear about your situation.  But as much as we might hate them, there are few details about a “really bad time” that should be kept in consideration.

Acceptance is the key

You need to accept the fact that a particular thing is wrong in your life and it might not help in the long run of it too. A person who can not accept the state of his defines, can’t even think about the progressive road towards bliss. It could be worse or it could be a little not too much, but whatever it is just bear in mind that it is going to be a little unsatisfying. Because nobody’s present is perfect, that’s where the hope comes from. 

You Need to Re-Think About You Creative Boundaries

There’s no such thing as “limits”. Because people around you don’t know about the real you and what wonders it can do. To be honest, you yourself have to find that out first too.

Keep Yourself Reminded, Your Cores and Goals

Repeat. Repetition is the best way to make it clear in your mind that it is going to happen. I know the situation might not look that favorable at the moment and it is only natural that a number of failures will make you feel unworthy of your desires. But that’s just a part of the journey.

Hope is Not the Enemy

We tend to force ourselves into the trap of extended hopes and useless expectations. But the mere point of disappointment is not the hope itself but the excessive use of it. Hope is indeed a wonderful thing to live by, especially at times when there is nothing left to hold on to. However, the sprinkle must be according to the need only.

I could write a long list of essentials and you would hardly remember any of it. Instead, take these four basic rules and make it your mantra for a self-guided life.


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