A Simple 5 Step Guide for Ramadan Prep for Busy People

Ramadan Prep Guide

Most of us have our faith dependent on the upcoming major event i.e. “I’m going to start reading a page of Quran a day as soon as Ramadan starts; I’m going to start praying Qiyam every night from the first day of Ramadan; or, I’m going to stop smoking as soon as the calendar says it is first Ramadan.”  And due to this mindset, we end up with an anticlimax and hence we end up not giving up smoking, we end up skipping Qiyam and we start reading Quran during Ramadan but then get back to our normal old self as soon as Shawwal starts. This is usually because these actions are based on impulse and we lack a real plan.

Here’s a smart plan to help you keep up with the spirit of Ramadan throughout the year

1- Start A Countdown

Counting down for Ramadan will help you create a buzz in your mind and among the people around you. When you and others are counting down to the same event, the excitement gets real.

2- Seek Knowledge About Ramadan

This will help you ensure you will do things correctly and perfectly for Ramadan and it will be a “reward reaper.” The more you know about Ramadan the more you can apply, hence the rewards multiply.


3- Prepare Spiritually

Ramadan is all about praying, fasting and giving charity. Start doing all of it early; start doing extra prayers from now, start revising Quran now, give out charity today and follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and fast during Sha’baan.

4- Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

Find out your bad habits and start cutting them now. If you stay awake all night, start sleeping early, if you are addicted to your phone, start cutting down, have a coffee craze, slow it down etc. It might sound difficult, but once you’ve committed yourself with purer intentions, all these habits will vanish easily.


5- Plan Your Life Around Your Worship

Watch out for the prayer times, make sure that you have a break at prayer time. Don’t take your phone with you to the prayer area. Forget the world when you stand in front of the Almighty Allah.

Ramadan 2018 is just around the corner. Are you going to plan your Ramadan thoroughly or going to repeat the same mistakes over and over? The choice is yours!


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