The List of Best Desi Cuisines in Karachi; An Ultimate Guide for All Food Lovers!


With the passage of years, Karachi has undoubtedly become a hub of food, with hundreds of restaurants in Karachi opening every year, creating a hype among people with its new food innovations, and mouth-watering items.

We all know that cities are often recognized by their food. But, when it comes to defining Karachi ki soghat, there is no one dish we can talk about.

Hence, we’re listing the 40 best restaurants in Karachi among hundreds, for Karachities as well as visitors that are famous for their delicious desi food:

  1. Dehli Javed Restaurant – Nihari:

If you’re a true nihari lover, and want your nihari to have a perfect combo of spices and tender meat, then Javed Nihari should be your ultimate go-to place!

(Located at Dastagir in F.B. Area)


  1. Asim Allah wala Biryani Centre – Biryani:

Looking for the best biryani in Karachi? Allah wala biryani has got you covered! This restaurant brings you the most flavorful and aromatic biryani that will easily satisfy the biryani cravings of every food lover.

(Gol Market, Nazimabad)


  1. Biryani Chowk – Singaporean rice:

The ultimate search for the best Singaporean rice in Karachi should end, because we bring you ‘Biryani Chowk’!

The name of the restaurant may not scream Singaporean rice at all, but with its mouth-watering taste, the dish has become a must-try.

(F.B. Area, Gulberg)


  1. Mazedar Foods – Haleem:

To find the perfect blend of meat, daal, and spices, you definitely need to visit the famous Mazedar foods for its Mazedar Haleem!

(Samnabad, Gulberg)


  1. Uncle Gola – Gola Ganda:

With the heatstroke prevailing in Karachi, one always wants to cool down after a busy day. Hence, we bring you the best gola ganda in K-town!

(Located at Dhoraji)


  1. Al-Harmain – Namkeen Boti:

This Afghani restaurant undoubtedly serves the best Afghan food with its specialty being namkeen boti for all meat lovers out there!

(Located at Al-Asif Square)


  1. Liaquatabad Gol Gappay – Pani Puri:

Guess the gol gappay of liaquatabad have their game stronger than all the eateries serving gol gappay in Karachi. Hence, due to being famous for a long time, you need to visit Liaquatabad for its famous pani puri.

(Liaquatabad Bridge)


  1. A1 Peshawari Chapli Kabab House – Chapli Kabab:

This local eatery is well-known for its spicy chapli kababs and heavenly taste. Providing the traditional taste of chapli kababs, this restaurant hosts hundreds of people every single day.

(Located at Shah Faisal Colony)


  1. Anwar Baloch Restaurant – White Karhai:

While the restaurant provides fast food in Karachi, yet it’s famous for its delicious white karhai!

(Located near Malir)


  1. Café Lazeez – Chargha:

Located at the oldest food street of Karachi, this café has been offering the best food since 1958, with its specialty being Chargha that is famous throughout the city.

 (Located at Burns Road)


  1. Tayyabi Restaurant – Katakat:

If you’re a die-hard katakat lover, then Tayyabi restaurant is a must-try for you! Their spicy katakat with tender meat will be the ultimate heaven for your taste-buds.

(Located at Hussainabad)


  1. Noorani Kabab House – Brain Masala:

One of the oldest restaurants still offering the best quality barbequed food and brain masala is Noorani Kabab House. Trust me, you would not regret going there.

(Located at Shahrah e Quaideen)


  1. Hanifia Karachi – Hunter Beef:

Even with the new introductions by the restaurant, Hanifia still top its hunter beef game in Karachi. Also, this eatery stands as one of the oldest restaurants in Bahadurabad.


  1. Ghausia – Murgh Cholay:

If you’re tired of looking for the best place for your Lahori food cravings i.e. Murgh Cholay, then Ghausia needs to be your next stop!

(Located near City Court)


  1. Al Madina 2 – Balochi Tikka:

This local restaurant at Super Highway serves the best balochi tikka from all the other restaurants on highway. Hence, if you’re travelling in that area, don’t forget to try Al Madina!


  1. Hot and Spicy Karachi – Chicken Chutney Roll:

The most convenient and cheap food item in Karachi is a roll. Hence, Hot n Spicy’s chicken chutney roll can be called the pioneer due to its tasty roll that comes with a mouth-watering chutney in it.

(Located in Khadda Market)


  1. Meerath Kabab House – Bihari Tikka:

If you’re looking for a place where you’d find some mouth-watering tikka marinated with green spices, then Meerath Kabab House for its famous bihari tikka is your ultimate guide!

(Located at Gulshan e Iqbal)


  1. Ghaffar Kabab House – Malai Boti:

This place has been famous for its tasty barbecued items for more than a decade. Hence, Ghaffar’s must-try dish is chicken malai boti.

(Located in Port Grand)


  1. Hanif Bun kabab – Bun Kabab:

Anday wala burger AKA bun kabab is one of the favorite desi junk food items of all Karachities. Hence, if you’ve never had a bun kabab by Hanif, then you’re definitely missing out!

(Located at Pakistan Chowk)

  1. Culture Fish – Black Pomfret fish:

Are you a seafood lover and want to have some grilled fish that simply melts in your mouth once you pop it in? If this is the case, then Culture Fish is your go-to place.

(Located at Hasan Square)


  1. Khan Broast – Beef Burger:

Khan broast brings you good quality and reasonable food along with some greasy yet filling beef burgers that will not only fill your stomach, but will also satisfy your beef cravings.

(Located near Waterpump)


  1. Quetta Alamgir hotel – Chai Paratha:

If you’ve never tried Quetta Alamgir Hotel for their lachay daar parathay and doodh patti, then are you even an actual food lover?

(Located at Alamgir Road)


  1. Dehli Rabri House – Rabri:

The ultimate desi sweet dish Rabri satisfies those sweet-tooth cravings of many. And if the rabri is from the famous Dehli Rabri House, can anything be better than that?

(Located in Saddar)


  1. Shadab Sweets – Gulab Jamun:

Looking for the best gulab jamuns in K-town? Stop your search and visit Shadab Sweets as its gulab jamuns in sugary syrup are the best!

(Located in Block 11, F.B. Area)


  1. Fresco – Dahi Baray:

Fresco has always been famous for its dahi baray and nobody has beaten their dahi baray uptil now!

(Located in Burns Road)


  1. Waheed –Fry Kabab:

Another eatery at the oldest food hub in Karachi is Waheed for its famous fry kabab served with naan or paratha. This eatery hosts customers in hundreds every day.

(Located in Burns Road)


  1. Dhamtal –Halwa Puri:

One cannot beat Dhamtal when it comes to the desi nashta of halwa puri. With the sweet halwa and hot pooriyan with chanay ka saalan, the nashta becomes simply perfect.

(Located at Ayesha Manzil)


  1. Pakistan Fruit Chaat –Fruit Chaat:

This fruit chaat shop located at Nursery offers the best fruit chaat in the city. Who would not want to have something light, sweet, and something as delicious as this mix fruit combo with or without cream?

(Located in Nursery)


  1. Imran milk shop – Lassi:

Lassi is the true desi drink of our country. Hence, if you’re looking for a glass of cool lassi with malai on top, then you need to visit Imran Milk Shop.

(Located near Waterpump Chowrangi)


  1. Café Sistani –Chullo kabab:

If you’re looking for something new to try, then go for chullo kababs at Café Sistani. Believe me, these kababs with a dish of rice and French fries on top would not make you regret your decision.

(Located in Saddar)


  1. Bolan Sajji House –Sajji:

The next place you definitely need to visit for your never-ending love for sajji is Bolan Sajji House! You’ll be one happy customer after you’ve visited that place.

(Located near Hasan Square)


  1. Mehboob Food – Pulao:

The next food place is to satisfy your Friday cravings of having biryani or pulao because Mehboob food provides the best aromatic pulao along with the perfect blend of spices.

(Located in Soldier Bazar)


  1. Shams –Chana Chaat:

Shams chaat is one of the oldest restaurants in Karachi, famous for its chana chaat. Located in Garden area, Shams would not disappoint you at all.

(Located in Garden East)


  1. Chiniot Food Point – Kunna:

If you are one desi food lover then you need to visit Chiniot Food Point for some kunna with naan. This is the ultimate food point guide for your desi cravings.

(Located in DHA Phase 2)


  1. Near passport office –Kachori:

Who does not like some daal wali kachori with aloo ki tarkari on a busy day? Hence, if you work near passport office Karachi, or go there sometime, do not forget to have some kachori.


  1. Just Shawarma – Shawarma:

Shawarma, an Arabic wrap, is adored by many foodies in Karachi. Hence, Just Shawarma promises you the best shawarma experience in Karachi.

(Located at Schon Circle)


  1. Dosa point –Dosa:

With dosa points opening slowly in Karachi, not everyone has tried it yet. If you’re one excited person to have a dosa, then Dosa Point is one promising place.

(Located in Bahadurabad)


  1. Yameen Kabab house –Best BBQ in town:

While some people are still searching for the best BBQ in town, most of them have already found it. Hence, we bring you Yameen Kabab House!


(Located in Soldier Bazar)


  1. White biryani – Biryani:

If you still have the concept that biryani is supposed to be yellowish orange, then White Biryani will prove you wrong, because the restaurant White Biryani actually offers white biryani.

(Located in DHA)


  1. Pakistan hotel – Karhai:

Looking for a place to have some good karhai? You need to visit Pakistan Hotel now as it offers a variety of karhai, each one of them being equally tasty.

(Located at Highway)

Hence, our list of restaurants in Karachi is complete! We hope you visit each eatery listed above and enjoy it as much as we did!

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