‘Aap ne ghabrana nahi hai’ because your Prime Minister said so in his address to the Nation


Pakistanis are literally having their Eid before the Eid. Having Imran Khan as our Prime Minister has already made us excited days before the bari eid. Alhamdulillah! There is a different air which is unexplainable.

The excitement is not only felt in Pakistan but in the houses of overseas Pakistanis as well. When Imran addressed the Nation and mentioned his Overseas countrymen as well, this was appreciated to heights and received an immediate response from the overseas Pakistanis. One man living in the US promised to get back to his country to help PM Imran Khan in his visions along with his family.

Last night Imran Khan addressed the nation as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the very first time. His speech was very comprehensive, well explained and delivered heart to heart. Listeners loved how Imran Khan explained all the details of his plan bit by bit to the Nation. The whole nation was in tears when he said “Ghabrana Nahi Hai” because now it feels like things are finally going to go in the right direction.


This was the first speech ever by a PM to the nation which the people actually listened to wholeheartedly including the millennials.


People were closely noticing everything about their new Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ghabrana Nahi hai speech.


The immediate response by the people:

Once the speech was ended by the Prime Minister, his social media team released photos of his handwritten note.








Pakistanis absolutely LOVE these notes and Khan’s simplicity with which the speech was delivered.


We got teary-eyed as well.


And then the memes poured in.



And this one is the best!

We wish our new Prime Minister the very best and hope and pray that Pakistan now becomes a developed nation and reaches the level of success where Quaid e Azam would have liked to see it.

Ghabrana Nahi hai Imran Khan, the whole nation stands by you and all the right decisions for a better fate of this country. I don’t want to exaggerate but the feeling of seeing a Prime Minister who actually cares about the betterment of this country is priceless and cannot be matched with anything else.

It has been decades that elite class ruled over for us their own gains. Now, hopefully, Imran Khan’s vision will take us out of miserable times and we will emerge as a progressive nation on the World map.

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